2018 Year End Review

Praise God for the year 2018 and for the opportunities that The Lord Jesus provided us to serve, teach and reach out to communities/individuals and our church teens.

We always thank and praise God for your trust in us, kind support, encouragement and constant prayers. 

Though we have not seen any baptisms yet, we have a couple of souls who accepted the Lord as their Savior and they have been in the process of learning and understanding discipleship. We are trusting that 2019 will be Harvest year and God willing and by God’s grace, we will see baptisms and souls committing to the Kingdom.

Here is our latest report:

  1. Flood relief work: an opportunity to build up relationships in the community

August 15th, we were hit by floods and the entire state was affected as many many dams were opened. 450 people died along with huge loss of physical property . From our church and from our ministry we reached out and served three colonies named Pathalam, Donbosco and Vattekunnam. In these colonies we provided basic groceries , clothing and kitchenware. After flood relief work, we visited these colonies many times and the reconstruction of houses is still happening in Pathalam colony. We sang Christmas carols in two of the colonies, reached out with the Good News and continue to check on 6 families in Donbosco colony. We have been teaching The Word of God to ten people.  Every Sunday evening we hold a church gathering  in this colony and at least 8 people attend. We also hold individual bible studies with these people to increase their understanding about Christ, the commitment and discipleship .

We thank all the sponsors and donors who contributed for this cause and became part of the relief work. Without all of your support and prayers, we could have not done this work and we praise God for this awesome work!

  1. Street Evangelism/ Hospital evangelism / family visits

After the floods, along with our church intern, Kiran, we engaged in every day street evangelism and often times hospital evangelism as well. During evangelism, we share the Gospel, and if the individual is interested to listen more, we share our testimonies and conduct small bible talks in groups or on an individual basis. We still connect with some individuals whom we met during these evangelism days. For the patients we met in the hospital, we have visited their homes and spent two to three hours, sharing the gospel, preaching and praying in their homes. God willing, in 2019 we will visit these families more often and pursue them for eternity.

  1. Teens Ministry

We have received the leadership position of our church teens, totaling 55. Among them, 13 are baptized, and the rest  are in the process of studying the Bible and understanding more of Jesus. Our responsibility is to conduct teens meeting every Saturday. Games, prayer, message and worship are included in our time. We also have taken them to visit poverty stricken colonies to expose them to a different life than their own. They also actively engaged in flood relief work. We also take them to visit old age homes and orphanages. In addition, we care for them individually, counsel them through the Bible, assist in their education challenges and mentor them through personal problems and struggles. Teens ministry has been great for us as we are also learning many things. We have been raising future leaders and at least five of our baptized teens can lead Bible studies. They have been teaching the Bible in colonies and following up one-on-one with individuals.

Prayer requests

  1. Pray for us that we will grow stronger in our faith and in the Word to deepen our personal faithfulness to the Lord.
  2. Pray for the families/colonies and individuals with whom we have been sharing the gospel and teaching the Word.
  3. Pray for our church teens to become mature and grow stronger in their faith, become more obedient to the Word, and increase their steadfastness as faithful servants of Christ.

Thank you and God bless!

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