Moon Take Thy Flight

“Evan has been doing well and has been busy. We are on our own for physical therapy and that has been a challenge. He has to work in “sets” throughout the day and we try to make everyday tasks a part of therapy as much as possible. The therapists evaluate his progress once a month and they have been pleased. His walk has improved and strengthening his left leg is…Keep Reading

Mission Serve – Field of Hope

Caleb Veazey, the associate director of Mission Serve, a non-profit mission organization based in Atlanta, contacted Grace Klein Community looking to partner through serving opportunities. A team from Mission Serve will be traveling to Birmingham, from July 8th – 15th, to serve with Westwood Baptist Church, and Mission Serve reached out to Grace Klein Community asking how we could partner to love on Birmingham together during their time here. Forty…Keep Reading

“Mama Beka” Headed Back to Africa

“A year ago, I was saying goodbye to the wonderful family I had come to know and love at Kwathu Children’s Home in Livingstone, Zambia. I will never forget having to hold back tears as a little girl grabbed me and begged me not to leave. Now, in just a few weeks I will be saying “hello again” to live life with these sweet children, for an entire year. I…Keep Reading

Camping Week 2017 Reflections

On May 26th – June 4, 2017, Grace Klein Community held our annual camping week at Oak Mountain State Park. Excitement starts to rise weeks before camp begins! Finding the sunscreen suddenly becomes of utmost importance for the kids… only to ensure they can embrace every day in the sun to the fullest… there is no time for sunburn, there’s just too much fun to be had! Two birthday celebrations,…Keep Reading

Keep Singing

When a child worships, with abandon, without instruction, and in full freedom, the heart of an adult is deeply moved to worship too. Not to worship of the kid, but of the One the child worships. Adults can stuff emotions deep down inside ourselves, almost forgetting what it is like to feel, forgetting to remember the One who over and over again has proven Himself faithful. Remember when you had…Keep Reading

Believe and Receive

“I want to pray for you…put your hands out…repeat after me…say it like you mean it…believe what you’re saying…receive what God is giving you…stop worrying…you are accepted…you are loved…I have been praying for you since before you came to Grace Klein Community…you are supposed to be here…” These words spoken to and over me by Mary Elizabeth Minderhout go through my mind often. Her words of affirmation and encouragement help…Keep Reading

Trash to Treasure

A community member sent us these beautiful pictures of her garden in an email titled “Morning Eye Candy.” What a treat to see how God has used rescued everything to create such beauty and usability.  Also, what a great reminder to all of us of how He Himself welcomes us in our mess, much of what we would consider trash, rescues us and turns us into something beautiful. “This is…Keep Reading

Grace Klein Community Ladies Brunch

One of the awesome ladies of Grace Klein Community, Shannon Trammell, hosted two ladies brunches in the month of May. For the first initial brunch, a general invite was shared inviting all the ladies of GKC to join us for a delicious meal, laughter and fellowship. With the dreary weather, some were a little hesitant. However, after two ladies arrived at the front door, three (host and guests) sweet strangers…Keep Reading

Making Connections in Belize

“Our family of four traveled to Belize in May knowing there’s always something unexpected waiting there. We took some computer equipment to the small village of Bomba, far back in the jungle, hoping to give the people there, and specifically the school kids, access to information. Here in the US, we take for granted the amount of information we have access to on a constant basis. The kids in this…Keep Reading

Update on the Burke Family Adoption

“We have been matched up with a little girl! We accepted the referral of a 2.5 year old little girl! She lives in the Mumbai area. We think she was born with some form of spina bifida. We are waiting on some more information, such as an updated medical file, recent photographs, and a video. Her file has not been updated in two years, so we aren’t really sure what…Keep Reading

Realization of a Dream

I remember traveling through several States with the Waltmans. I had one of my most exciting rides of a lifetime. We stopped at every signpost welcoming us into a new State. We jumped and took epic shots with Denver, Amelia, Jenny and Jason. We stopped to dream too. One of the many dreams was the Library Dreams Project. I shared my vision and they immediately latched onto it. We explored…Keep Reading

So Very Happy

“I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy Down in my heart (Where?) Down in my heart (Where?) Down in my heart I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy Down in my heart Down in my heart to stay And I’m so happy So very happy I have the love of Jesus in my heart (down in my heart) And I’m so happy So very happy I have the love of…Keep Reading

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