A Little Red Sonic

Have you ever prayed for something? Maybe something as small as *awkward* feminine products, to money for your power bill or shoes for your kids. Or maybe you have prayed for God to salvage a relationship, forgive something you really wish you never did, extinguish your anger over a painful situation or to pull you out of a pit of depression. Other times your prayers may have been for a vehicle, a house, friends, or something to eat for dinner.

We all walk around with different things on our minds, needs and wants, brokenness, pain and heartache, desire and longing, shattered dreams, unbelief, little flickers of faith that we want God to ignite into bonfires. Sometimes we find ourselves stewing over our stuff, worry, anxiety, fear, fretting, desperation and we forget to pray. To stop, to pause and to ask God to meet us in the moment of right now, to still our hearts, calm our fears and do what only He can do.

But when we remember that small little verse, “pray without ceasing,” He starts filling us with a peace, a peace beyond our understanding. He starts focusing our attention on what is true, giving us solutions opposite to what we have tried, and meeting us in the dark dreariness we often keep to ourselves.

And when God shows out, He shows out. The way He meets us is different so we cannot look to other people and think our lives will look like theirs. He has a plan for each of our lives that compliments to the ways He has made us. Think about the diversity of the people you know and how what God gives them is unique and intentional for what they need to thrive. He sees all of us and He knows exactly what prayers we need a “yes” or a “no” or a “wait a bit.”

The point of prayer, or a crucial point, is to bring us into intimacy with Jesus. He wants to teach us to hear His voice and to be able to discern what is Him.

Have you ever felt a sudden urgency to pray for a friend and find out later something was happening at that exact moment where they needed a prayer? He allows these moments to draw us closer and to show us how He is with us in every part of our lives.

One of our staff, Bethany Gamble, has been praying for a car, among other things. She has been on a journey of trusting God from today to tomorrow to the next day. He has been teaching her more of His voice, more dependency, more expectation. He has grown in her a radical faith to expect the impossible.

But we are convinced that God loves surprises and He got His girl, Bethany. He brought her speechless before Him when He surprised her with a little red Sonic. She was expecting the impossible, but not the part of the impossible that would be a car. Y’all better believe she praised Him!! Her son praised Him!! We all praised Him!!

Our God is a God that acts on behalf of those who wait for Him. He is a God that moves beyond human possibilities because He is writing a story through our lives to demonstrate the greatness and wonder and majesty of who He is. He is opening doors for us to share about Jesus when the crazy happens and people come to ask us questions.

Anticipate God answering your prayers in a way specific to your situation. Expect Him to act. Bring your concerns to Him. Pray without ceasing. Trust God for the path He has for you. Maybe giving you a car wouldn’t blow your mind. He has something creative and specific to your deep heart cry. He is seeking intimacy with us and He will meet us intentionally with what we need until we know that we KNOW – He sees us and loves us.

Let us not miss what God has for us looking for our little red Sonic. He may have for us a baby to adopt, a new friend, the perfect job for our skillset, a healing from a secret wound, the salvation of a son, or reconciliation with an enemy. Hunker down in prayer and believe God for the impossible.

He is the God of the impossible. Nothing is impossible for Him!

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