“Moonbeams” and Laser Beams

From Evan’s family:

“Evan stays strong through this rocky time. Doctors are still very encouraged and are focusing on finding the perfect balance of medication. As part of the recovery plan, the doctors have had Evan resting since Saturday as he battled the side effect of seizures. His seizures appear under control and now he will be transitioned back to rehab therapy. Evan’s father, Terry, experienced a loss of vision Sunday and had an emergency eye surgery to repair a tear to his retina on Sunday night. The eye hospital gave us special treatment due to Evan’s situation. Terry had a follow up eye appointment this morning and received a wonderful report. Thankfully Evan was asleep during Terry’s eye surgery and does not know it happened, protecting him from any anxiety. We are still waiting on the pathology report. Another praise, Evan’s mom, Denise, was approved for FMLA as Evan’s primary caregiver so her job is protected during this time. We thank you for the prayers, financial assistance and graciously honoring our request for no visitors at this time. Please continue to pray for complete healing for Evan.”

When Evan went to his family beach vacation last summer, he wrote this poem.


I walked out on the dock and sat in silence,
In awe of the sunrise You gave us today.
Just a single sunrise in the flipbook of a zillion,
Yet every time the beauty blows me away.

Lord thank You for life,
Lord thank You for beauty,
Thank you for revealing Yourself.

Lord do not be silent,
Lord do not be hidden,
Shine Your truth into my heart.

I need You to guide me,
I need Your presence in my life,
Thank You for pursuing me even when I wander.

Lord You sent Jesus to die,
He obeyed Your command,
And in Him alone we have joy.

Thank You Lord.

imagejpeg1As we continue to pray for Evan and wait on God, we are reminded of our desperate need for His presence. Evan needs His rest and His renewal as he heals. We need His rest and His renewal as we journey with Evan. This morning, as his mom was spending time with Jesus, she was reminded of HIS PRESENCE. Here’s what she read:

Last night, around 11pm, Destin Sandlin, creator of the educational series, “Smarter Every Day,” called the emergency number for Grace Klein Construction, Inc., Evan’s employer. Destin has become friends with Evan through SnapChat and he shared that Evan is one of the most encouraging people he has ever known. He explained that Evan sent him something encouraging almost every day, so after he had not heard from Evan for the last week, he became very concerned. He wants to create a video to encourage Evan and will work on that video this week. We will make sure to share his video once we receive it!

As we continue to walk this road, we have some ideas on future update posts, but we need everyone’s help to make it happen.

  1. Evan has grown so much in the past year. If he texted you anything, in his own words, about things Jesus has been teaching him, since his move to Birmingham, AL, can you please take a picture of those texts and email them to natalie@gracekleincommunity.com
  2. Evan is hilarious. We would like to do a top 10 random facts about the “Moon” that not even NASA knows. If you have a random fact about Evan that most people wouldn’t know, please email that to natalie@gracekleincommunity.com

13260204_10209614006163825_7039863480130393055_nA few reminders:

  • One of Evan’s friends, Victoria Hamilton, has designed this shirt in support of Evan. All funds raised will help with Evan’s recovery fund. $25 includes shipping. Click HERE to order one.
  • If you can give towards relief for his financial expenses, here’s how:

Mail checks to:
Grace Klein Community, Inc., 1678 Montgomery Hwy #104, Birmingham, AL, 35216
Memo: Evan Moon Assistance Program

OR via our website:

  • Please keep sending your encouragement to Evan via natalie@gracekleincommunity.com. We will be sharing another intentional “Moonbeams” post soon.
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