Backpacks for Kiddos

Precision Chiropractic of AlabamaPrecision Chiropractic is a partner of Grace Klein Community and wanted to incorporate their patients in serving families in Birmingham. They brainstormed several ideas and then came to Scott Elliott and asked if they could do a backpack drive for Grace Klein Community.

As God does, one of our food recipients, at the same time, asked if we could help her gather school supplies for 4 children in her community. Before a volunteer, who delivers to Mrs. Betty, could mention anything to Grace Klein Community, Scott informed the volunteer that Precision Chiropractic was planning to do a school supplies drive and asked if she knew of anyone children who needed backpacks. The volunteer called Ms. Betty to let her know the good news and to ask her to pray that families would give to the school supplies backpack drive. The 4 children turned into 15 children that Mrs. Betty would personally serve.

Precision Chiropractic wasted no time getting the word out. They posted signs throughout their office explaining the backpack drive, introducing Grace Klein Community and creating a big thermometer that would measure the progress. Staff and clients began bringing in the bags and by the cutoff day, 58 backpacks, filled with goodies, were donated for kiddos in Birmingham.

IMG_8663We do not know all the “behind the scene” stories for all the families who received assistance, but one special situation was a sibling set of four. These children recently lost their mother to a drug overdose and live with their grandmother. Ms. Betty knew them and knew this year they could use the love and encouragement that school supplies would bring to their broken hearts and to the broken heart of their grandmother who is now raising these children. When volunteers stopped by, to drop off the backpacks, the children showed framed certificates on the walls and folders full of school awards, evidence of high level excelling in school, focused students with all A’s or all A’s and B’s.

Ms. Betty shared, “No child should be penalized for their parent’s decisions as they have no control over them. They deserve a chance to a good future and education is important. If no one helps, they won’t have. You can live in a hole and live good. Just because you live in a certain community doesn’t mean you have to live as the community lives. Many parents try, but they cannot control what their kids do. We all make our own choices.”

IMG_8674Another friend, Ms. Pat, went around her apartment complex to find the families who needed school supplies for their children. Everyone wants to love someone else, to give generously, to share, without holding back, and Precision Chiropractic made it possible for friends like Ms. Pat to love on her neighbors, to bless them in Jesus’ name. Equipping one another to love and serve is empowerment, hope inspiring and life giving.

We all have something to give. Precision Chiropractic provided a giving opportunity, clients and staff gave, food recipient ladies gave their time and love to distribute the backpacks and the kiddos went to school with confidence and an excitement to use their new supplies to learn something new, which in turn gives the teachers a fresh excitement to teach with all they have! Thank you Precision Chiropractic of Alabama for starting this beautiful chain of love. Jesus love. Unconditional love. Sharing love.


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