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Grace Klein Community would like to express our sincere thanks to our Business Partners for their support. Business Partners help make it possible for Grace Klein Community to provide food, clothing, and essential household items to aid individuals and families in need throughout the Birmingham Metro area and around the world.

If your business or employer may be interested in becoming a Business Partner, please visit our How to Become a Business Partner page.

“Supreme Lending Birmingham gives back to better the community and foster camaraderie among our employees. When we serve together it strengthens our relationship with each other and makes our community stronger. We chose Grace Klein Community because their values, mission and core beliefs align with Supremes’ culture. We both desire to help those in urgent need here in Birmingham and surrounding areas. Our desire is to continue to partner and serve with Grace Klein Community for years to come.”

George Lawton

I love having the privilege of partnering with Grace Klein Community because we share the same vision when it comes to our businesses.

While our “day-jobs” are not why we exist nor who we are as people, they are catalysts and ways we find opportunities to minister.

They give us opportunities to serve those around us and to bring glory to our Father, who is so good.

I greatly appreciate the opportunities they provide for going out of our comfort zone to be Christ’s hands and feet both locally and abroad.

“Giving back to our community has been a large part of our success at The Garage. We are a small family run business so every dollar counts. When selecting charities to support, we have three qualifications: Local and active in our community, Christian based/Gospel driven and a current client with an established relationship. GKC easily meets these three criteria.

We have a plethora of customers who volunteer with GKC and are proud of the name/reputation that GKC has in our local community. The bottom line, we want our charities to match up/be in line with our beliefs whenever possible and we feel that GKC does a fantastic job aligning to our values. Whenever a customer asks what is GKC…my typical response is “GKC is where the rubber meets the road.” So thanks for what you guys are doing to live out the gospel via meeting practical needs of those in Birmingham.”

“Grace Klein offers so much to our community through providing their monthly food boxes, feeding the homeless, and so much more. We desire to serve our community by partnering with Grace Klein to offer underprivileged students and adults a way to succeed through the help of our tutoring services.

Our Sponsor A Student program allows students and adults, who could not otherwise afford it, the opportunity to receive much needed academic support that will promote success. We desire to work hand-in-hand with Grace Klein to support these students and adults and to help them succeed in life.”

“It has been a rewarding honor for me to serve on Grace Klein Community’s board of Directors, seeing them work, supporting them, helping them, learning from them, praying with them, and getting my hands dirty with them, in ministering to the needs of some of Birmingham’s most marginalized and forgotten people.

What Grace Klein Community does is beautiful and what they do works.” – Lawrence T. King, Birmingham lawyer and senior partner at King Simmons, P.C.

Reli Title“At Reli Title, we feel fortunate to be able to assist our local community with home-ownership. We also understand the need to assist with the basic, everyday needs of those less fortunate.  This year we are very excited to partner with the Grace Klein Community for our annual coat drive. We are thankful for our excellent clients and employees who have been so generous in supporting the coat drive this year.  

We are also very thankful for the Grace Klein Community for all that they do in meeting those needs and positively impacting Birmingham, the surrounding communities and the entire world.”

Motivated Movers“Boxes are important because of what’s inside them. We move treasured possessions from one place to another in hundreds of boxes and we partner with Grace Klein Community to help them move what’s important too! By providing our moving boxes, community volunteers are able to deliver food to families all over our city. We believe in Grace Klein Community and are excited to be part of something huge!”

“Corporate social responsibility is the right thing to do on many levels.

All contributions matter, whether giving time, money or manpower.

We believe our community commitment makes our employees, parents and students feel proud to be associated with Rocky Ridge Learning Center.”


“It is my honor to partner with Grace Klein Community. They selflessly serve families locally and abroad.

Their hard work, along with partners who pray, donate and volunteer, help make this world a better place, one family at a time.” – Amandalyn Moore, Realtor

“Living out our life in faith in the community is a part of the DNA of WAY-FM and our listeners.

It was a real pleasure to link arms with Grace Klein Community to pack food boxes for needy families in the Birmingham area.

We appreciate the good work Grace Klein Community does week in and week out to help the vulnerable of the area in Jesus name.”

“We are grateful to be able to partner with Grace Klein Community.

We love our communities and we are thankful for how Grace Klein Community ministers to meet the physical and spiritual needs of families.”

Fox Pepper“My partnership with Grace Klein Community began on October 31, 2015, as a volunteer at a community yard sale. I instantly wanted to become more involved, so I volunteered my time to create graphic art for promotional materials, tee shirts, fundraisers and any other needs that may arise.

Working with the people of Grace Klein Community has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

The work I do for them is a labor of love because it allows me to serve others and use my God-given talents to help those in need.”

D1 Logo 2“At D1 we love lifting weights and heavy things, but we believe that lifting up others in the community is one of the most important things you can do!!

The GKC food drive gives our D1 Family the opportunity to help other families, and we are proud to be a part of it!”

Precision“We have a mission to serve God through serving others and as a result of our partnership with Grace Klein, we are able to see that become a reality in our community.

Grace Klein is the bridge between our desire to do something bigger than ourselves and a community that is in need of the talents and gifts which God has given us. 

We are so blessed to partner with Grace Klein Community to be the hands and feet of Christ.”

riverchase-carpet-and-flooring“From time to time, there are opportunities to be of service and working with Grace Klein Community was a great match for our company. We Jo Cooper’s leadership we were able to serve and share with someone who endured a large loss. We are delighted that we could be there and respond to a community need. Thank you for allowing us to help.”

Tazikis-Logo“Taziki’s is proud to support Grace Klein Community because we share the same values. We receive great satisfaction helping organizations provide for those in need.”

APH Radio supports local ministries, charities and civic organizations.  When we partner with Grace Klein Community, we play a small role in loving on the families in the Birmingham area and helping meet their physical and spiritual needs. And since APH Radio exists to make a difference in our community, partnering with GKC just makes sense.”

Sojourns-Logo“Grace Klein Community is about connecting people. About helping others. These are the very principles shared by fair trade. Sojourns, in addition to embodying the values of fair trade, wants to be not just a business in the community but one that is truly a part of the community.”

“In this life we are all created with a single gift that is most precious to each and every one of us. jcobbdesigns-LogoFor J. Cobb designs, it’s taking something that we all take for granted and create a wearable story of God’s love. Christ told Peter “feed my sheep.” How perfect is it that we take something that we feed our earthly bodies with in order to feed others souls. Grace Klein Community is all about sharing and the greatest thing I can share is the special gift that God gave to me, His unconditional love and the desire to share His story.”

DGLogoWGray22409“Our reason is serving others.”

RenaissanceConsign-Logo“At Renaissance Consignment and Marketplace, we realize we are truly blessed in our growth as a company, and in turns always want to give back to the community that has built us. We support our local community, families and organizations that help our neighbors. We chose to partner with Grace Klein Community because we truly believe in their mission, the love and genuineness they put into everything they do, and their continued efforts to help locally. Thank you for all that you do.”

Rojo“Rojo believes that community is very important.

We love to support organizations like Grace Klein Community that help communities and people in need.”



Treasure Logo“Treasure is honored to be partnering with Grace Klein Community.

We share values, dreams and a commitment to use all that we have been given in this life to love God and love others.”


Seeds“Seeds Coffee Company is honored to partner with Grace Klein Community.These guys are using their gifts and passions to bring justice and hope to the world.

Who wouldn’t want to partner with them? Here’s to the future!”



Grace+Klein+Working+July+11“God birthed the non-profit, Grace Klein Community, from a construction company where many customers and friends believed in loving others above themselves.

When we work for God, we cannot imagine what He will do. He is in the business of doing more than we can hope for or imagine.

We partner with Grace Klein Community because we believe that community is a verb, not a noun. Our desire is to see the Kingdom of God grow. We have counted the cost and choose to take the risk to love as Jesus loves and to lay down our lives for our friends as Jesus did for us.

We value the support of community through the good days and the hard ones and we hope to offer that same support to others.”


Tiger_Rock Martial ArtsGreystone Tiger-Rock Martial Arts shares many of the same values that the Grace Klein Community embodies. We believe in community service, uplifting youth by strengthening core values, and developing character as to create better citizens and leaders.

Through partnering with Grace Klein, we have another outlet in which we can exercise these values – thus creating better individuals and communities.

We are so thankful for everything the Grace Klein Community does and for allowing Tiger-Rock Martial Arts to be a part of their inspiring efforts and programs.

Spark PhotographySpark Photography loves Grace Klein Community. Every facet of Grace Klein Community shines with the bright love of Christ to every single person they touch!

They are a genuine, loving, resourceful group of people and any way my tiny craft can help support or partner with them is a blessing! Spark Photography occasionally gets to perform photography services for Grace Klein Community, and also will be offering fundraising opportunities this fall and in the future.


Life Line“We are so excited to be partnering with Grace Klein Community for the Kids Wear Plus consignment event.  We are grateful for their commitment to serving the community through the love of Christ.  We can accomplish so much more together and are so thankful for this opportunity.”


“Mimi’s Mini Storage is proud to partner with Grace Klein Community.

We believe in local and global missions and desire to see the Gospel shared around the world.”



IMG_8967“S&F Custom Sign Corp. is a proud partner of Grace Klein Community. It’s an honor to be a part of their ministry efforts, and it’s encouraging to witness what God is doing around the world.”

PrintSizeLogo_3.5x1_300ppiHis Hands Photographs is honored to serve alongside Grace Klein Community as they support the same values we honor, as a business and a family. They strive to be the hands and feet of Jesus, to unite His people to serve others, in Birmingham and around the world. Grace Klein Community provides opportunities for every age group, to serve and build community, while working alongside other people.

I have been honored to document many events for Grace Klein Community, and to have traveled to Zambia to visit the Kwathu Children’s Home. My family is dedicated to serving where we can to assist such an amazing ministry and encourage others to do the same.

This isn’t just a ministry but a community that becomes a family, and together we serve many people in love in the name of our Savior, Jesus. I base my business on the following verse and I am privileged to serve alongside Grace Klein Community. ” God has given each of you a gift from His great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another.” – 1 Peter 4:10

Stevenson Klotz“As musicians and avid readers, we value the importance of music and education and are proud to help support the library and music academy initiative for Beats and Books, a Global ministry partner of Grace Klein Community.”


“Giving is beautiful and we at BeautyKind are excited to give donors an additional way to further support Grace Klein Community in achieving their mission and meeting the needs of other both locally and globally.”


OTMITWhen you give us your business, you are automatically sharing with others in our area and around the world. We use a portion of our profits to serve friends in need, here and in other countries, by providing technology to assist with communication, education and jobs.

We work closely with Grace Klein Community to make sure our resources are used to serve in ways that are effective and lasting. 

If technology is not your specialty, let us help you figure out what innovations can help improve your business. For a free assessment, please call Jon Womack at 205-527-9300.

Mitzi Jane MediaWe believe in the Christ-centered mission of Grace Klein Community.

We have been especially blessed by personally participating in the monthly food delivery ministry.



Vecchia-Final-Texture-01At Vecchia we are tremendously passionate about our cooking, ingredients and experience for our customers and we believe in the spirit of giving back to our community. 

We are all here to help and serve one another and by supporting local non-profits and families we are able to make a difference in the lives of those around us…its’ just that simple!


A4OneA4One is excited to partner with an organization like Grace Klein Community.  We have learned so much from this community about what is looks like to give and receive resources freely in the Kingdom of God. 

Grace Klein Community has demonstrated to all of us when we share the resources we have been entrusted, God will meet all of our needs fully.  We are so encouraged by their servant hearts and the work God is accomplishing through them, not just in Birmingham, but across the globe.  We deeply love Grace Klein Community and are honored to partner with them as we labor together in the Kingdom.

Pie Five Pizza 2“We love partnering with Grace Klein Community as it allows us, as a business, to do a greater good. Being a business is not all about making the money.

The ministry that Grace Klein Community is a part of allows us to reach those in need, near and far, to have a great time, and build relationships.

We are pie-lan-thro-pists! Thank you Grace Klein Community! From our family to yours!”



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