Unspoken Aches to the Father

“Where do you even start when you talk about prayer? First, I’m going to recognize that every person reading this already has an idea or belief or experience (good or bad) associated with the act of prayer. Or maybe just the word itself. That’s fine. I can’t change that, but I can tell you a bit of my journey. And that’s not wrong. Because it’s mine. Prayer is my unspoken…Keep Reading

Keys to the Kingdom

“Short and sweet, I want to tell you why I’m here. Over ten years ago I was in Swaziland, Africa with a team that had been traveling for over six months. We were tired and failing as self-righteous little missionary wannabes. The religion most of us had grown up in expected us to do the right thing. The good thing. The nice things that don’t rock the boat. I guess…Keep Reading

“Here I Am, Send Me!”

“Hello dear friends, It is that time again. Time to be humbled and remain obedient to the Father’s call of “Go!” Oh, how He makes me laugh. I promise you, as I returned to Georgia (for the third time) the summer of 2015 I thought I had gotten enough of Africa “out of my system” and was ready to “put roots down.” #AmericanDream… At least, that’s what I tried to…Keep Reading

What. Where. Why?

“I love Africa. I have loved it even before I knew and loved Jesus. I am drawn to the bright cultures and the warmth of their compassion. Africa loves big and loves loud. They love without the limitations of time or resources. Much like Grace Klein Community. A few years ago, living in Atlanta, I began hearing friends mention Grace Klein Community.  In passing I am sure I must have…Keep Reading

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