Prayer is Powerful and Effective

Here is the report of the past three months about what we have been doing in Kochi City, Kerala, India among the beggars/homeless population, orphans and Bible college students. A brief background: My wife and I were both saved and baptized in America. We attended church in addition to a house church with passionate believers. When we returned to India, we found a church, and I was able to participate…Keep Reading

For the Lord of the Harvest

“Though I left home with heavy heart for leaving all of you, once I touched my motherland and saw my family, my burden was lifted. By the grace of God, I landed safely in India on November 30th. We had family prayer and we praised and worshiped our Lord Jesus Christ for His Love and grace up on me and upon my family in my absence. I left India when my…Keep Reading

From Hinduism to Christianity

Every Monday we gather. The “we” varies every Monday night, but the time or place to gather does not change. Sometimes we read scripture and pray for hours. Sometimes we worship and study Elijah, Moses, Esther, Peter or Ruth. Or we study books of the Bible or share what God has been teaching us. We always feast together. We always reflect on Jesus. We remember Him and we trust Him…Keep Reading

Leaving the American Dream

We are Christ Followers, previously from a Hindu background, who will be serving our country in India through Grace Klein Community.  I, Steven,* currently work as a Scientist at Emory in the field of Advanced Biotechnology and my wife Sarah* is also a Scientist in India. We have two children. I was born and raised in an Indian village farmer’s family as the oldest among three brothers. Mother and Father were…Keep Reading

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