Marlena Cantrell – update from Swaziland

My time as an intern in Nsoko, Swaziland is over. I now wait in Manzini, Swaziland for my team to arrive from Alabama so we can spend the week at our beloved carepoint, Lesibovu. It feels a little surreal that I am here. Time looking back has flown by. In the moment, it hasn’t. As a friend once put it, “the days are long, but the weeks are fast.” That…Keep Reading

Swaziland Trip Needs – by July 29th

Here’s the list of items needed for the children at Care Point in Lesibovu, Swaziland in the Grace Klein Community office by July 29th: non melting candy – 100 bags pencils – 100 packs toothbrushes – 275 markers – 150 colored pencils – 125 crayons – 275 soccer balls – 10 toothpaste – 275 clear deodorant – 125 small photo album – 155 For more on the children served and…Keep Reading

Update from Swaziland

I have been in Nsoko, Swaziland for almost 2 weeks now and it has already been quite a whirlwind. The Lord has been teaching and stretching me in ways I never imagined and I am so thankful to Him for this time. The other interns and I are staying at a house out in the local sugar cane fields. The gardner for the house is a kind, older gentleman named…Keep Reading

He will make a way

For the last year and a half, I have been sponsorship coordinator for a CarePoint in Swaziland, Africa where approximately 200 children come daily for food. The majority of these children are eating their only meal of the day. Through the work of a young woman who is an LXP graduate and lives in the community, investing in them multiple days a week, and in partnership with Children’s HopeChest and…Keep Reading

When I let go

About a year & a half ago God broke the chains off of my low expectancy of life. I look back and see how stuck and frozen I was in a life I didn’t understand and wasn’t happy in. I was doing what I thought I was supposed to do, what I was always shown and told I was supposed to do to be “happy” & succeed in this life. But something wasn’t…Keep Reading

Greystone Elementary gives their “plenty”

After hearing our friend Musa tell of the living conditions in his home country, Swaziland (Africa), Ms. McLaughlin’s 2nd grade class at Greystone  Elementary decided to give the children in Musa’s community 6 large boxes filled with school supplies.  We’re so thankful for their hearts to give and their willingness to share their “plenty”.  Mr. Roberson’s class also donated several soccer balls to Musa’s community after learning that soccer is…Keep Reading

Take the interruption

A few weeks ago we started praying every day, “Surprise Me God!”  Wow, check out this week full of surprises. Jason and I took off work on January 21, 2013, to spend the day with our children.  We decided to go to the Atlanta area that weekend to hear a college friend preach, catch up with some friends that had moved away from Birmingham a few years back and to…Keep Reading

Musa in the USA

God has blessed Grace Klein Community with a visit from a dear brother this week!  Our friend, Musa Ndzinisa is from Swaziland, (a small country about the size of New Jersey) located in Southern Africa.  His visit with us is a last-minute gift from God, as we didn’t know he’d be able to come to Birmingham until a few days ago.  He is in Birmingham for a brief time however,…Keep Reading


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