LXP Lesotho Hosts Beats and Books from LXP South Africa

“You want to read this God-story… Earlier this year we clearly heard the Lord opening up places for us to take our kids out of Jeffrey’s Bay to experience travel and how Jesus can be trusted to meet our needs as we head out on an adventure of faith. We thought it was going to be Europe, but we ended up sending only Prima to Germany and The Netherlands. Then…Keep Reading

When God says “Go” What Do We Do?

When your friends who live an ocean apart could do with a little more encouragement, what would you do? Get the cheapest flight possible and jump on it even if it will take you 72+ hours to get there. My wife and I get quite amped with seemingly random and spontaneous God assignments. We prayed and received peace that I should come and spend time with our friends this side…Keep Reading

Realization of a Dream

I remember traveling through several States with the Waltmans. I had one of my most exciting rides of a lifetime. We stopped at every signpost welcoming us into a new State. We jumped and took epic shots with Denver, Amelia, Jenny and Jason. We stopped to dream too. One of the many dreams was the Library Dreams Project. I shared my vision and they immediately latched onto it. We explored…Keep Reading

12,000 books… and a Few Extras

Beats and Books exists to promote education through integration of music and literacy focusing on vulnerable children and young people across Africa. The desire is to equip and develop children with the ability to lead worship and teach the Bible. Grace Klein Community provides The Leadership Experience, South Africa, much needed emotional, spiritual and financial support as they continue to show the love of Christ. In 2013, Grace Klein Community…Keep Reading

Our Firm Baby Steps

On June 16, 2016, we celebrated South African Youth Day, commemorating the struggles and triumphs young people of South Africa experienced. Watch the video of the Beats and Books kids performing by clicking HERE. * Youth Day, as it is popularly known, is a day in which South Africans honor the youth that were ambushed, where over 500 youth were killed, by the apartheid regime police in Soweto on June 16,…Keep Reading

Why Do We Do What We Do?

“And they that know your name will put their trust in you; for you Lord have not forsaken them that seek you.” – Psalm 9:10 We constantly fight from victory and it’s that stance that allows us to remain victors and not victims by the grace of our Lord. In our last update we mentioned that we were booted out of our usual Beats and Books meeting place. We relentlessly pursued…Keep Reading

Cartwheels in the Chaos

There are no words to express our gratitude. The last two months (February and March) have been drastically eventful. From surprising provision to faith-filled arsenal prayers…we have been in a valley of an incredible army. Before today, we would have simply said that it has felt like we are in a “valley of dry bones.” We would also have added that we’ve witnessed the “valley of the shadow of death.”…Keep Reading

New Season – January 2016 Update

Let us not grow weary or become discouraged in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap, if we do not give in. – Galatians 6:9 Life in Zambia With just about a week left of our stay in Zambia, we moved house to spend a few days with Mum Cathy (Prima’s Mother). Now that the therapy sessions for Mum Mary (Cornelius’ Mother) were over, we tried to squeeze in…Keep Reading

The Ngosa’s Update: What you missed in December 2015

Road trip to Zambia It was barely a week since the LXP Graduation, my permit was due to expire in 3 days and we were in rush hour to close off the year and pack for our 30+ hour road trip to Zambia. The Lord was calming the rising frantic tide inside me, reminding me that a few days ago, He had just provided for our travels to Zambia and…Keep Reading

Ithemba Woman of Hope Retreat

Reflections – Ithemba Woman of Hope Retreat – November 13 – 14, 2015  “Dear Family and Friends, Thank you so much to all of you who lifted the Ithemba Woman of Hope Retreat in prayer this past weekend. We had such a wonderful time, and I am so grateful to all who prayed for us, and for those here in Jeffrey’s Bay who helped with mattresses, food preparation, decoration, and other…Keep Reading

Beats and Books – November 2015 Update

The Ngosa’s Visa Update After our return from America in June, upon re-entry into South Africa, we both received different port of entry date stamps. Prima got 60 days while I (Cornelius) was given 30 days. Before my 30 days expired, God provided money for me to travel to Zambia for my Visa application while we decided that Prima would stay behind in South Africa to continue in ministry at LXP through…Keep Reading

Fill the Shelves

Stevenson Klotz Law of Pensacola, FL, has partnered with Grace Klein Community to support our global partner the Leadership Experience through the Beats and Books program in Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa. Partners, Eric Stevenson and Chris Klotz, who specialize in personal injury law, are both musicians of the Pensacola band Local Mullet. As a firm, they are passionate about community involvement, having recently hosted Gallery Nights, that feature musicians and…Keep Reading

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