Grace Klein Community on Air

June 3, 2015, Grace Klein Community had the opportunity of being interviewed on the Von Goodwin show, If you missed the show, CLICK HERE to here the replay. An Intervention- Kwathu Children’s Home: Gertrude, born to a young single girl, barely old enough to take care of herself, became a ‘mom’ to her 2 year old, half-brother, at a tiny age of 6 years. Gertrude and Linto were the…Keep Reading

African Fundraising Party

African Fundraising Party

Have a party and raise some money. Why not? What else do we need? One of the Grace Klein Community kids decided to do just that – celebrate her birthday by giving it away. We promise we didn’t make her give her chance for gifts away. She was delighted to share Africa with a few friends and thought it would be a fun experience for her friends who have never…Keep Reading

Our Journey Across America

Our Journey Across America

Cornelius and I (Prima), invite you to journey with us as we share some God stories and highlights from our experiences in our 8 week journey through the US, through the lens of our eyes. On April 22, we departed South Africa for the states, with a 14 hour layover in Abu Dhabi. An hour after we touched down in Abu Dhabi, I was still waiting outside the restroom area, but my…Keep Reading

Giving the Gift of Community this Father’s Day

Does your dad love books, love to read, or play a musical instrument? Beats and Books is a ministry of The Leadership Experience, a partner organization in Jeffrey’s Bay South Africa. Beats and Books exists to promote education through the integration of music and literacy targeting vulnerable children and young people across Africa. For every purpose and occasion, sharing is the perfect gift. A tribute donation is a meaningful way…Keep Reading

Beats, Books and Brew

On Sunday, June 14th, 2015, from 4 til 6 PM, Grace Klein Community will be hosting an event at Seeds Coffee Co. 174 Oxmoor Rd Birmingham, AL 35209, in support of one of our partner ministries, Beats and Books (previously known as The Library Dreams Project.) Cornelius and Prima Ngosa, friends and representatives of partner ministry, The Leadership Experience, will be sharing their heart and vision for Beats and Books,…Keep Reading

Our Friend Allan

The first years of my existence proved to be the toughest of times in my life’s journey. Come rain or shine I would spend my nights without blankets. The only way to survive the cold and rainy seasons was to involve myself in drugs and alcohol to keep warm and “forget” for a while. Being a street kid is tough. I got involved in many serious fights with the older…Keep Reading

Worship Gathering

Our friends and representatives of ministry partner, The Leadership Experience, Cornelius and Prima Ngosa, are currently visiting the states to raise funds for Beats and Books (previously known as The Library Dreams Project). Since April 24th, Cornelius and Prima have traveled to Maryland, California, Michigan, Missouri and Arkansas raising funding for Beats and Books, and will be heading to Birmingham soon! Come join us for an intimate time of worship…Keep Reading

Adventures with Jesus

Denver – Age 9 On March 31, 2015, Nats, Gracie, Mommy, Samantha and I went to South Africa. We went to share Jesus with South African citizens. My mom was sick the first half of the trip, but she got better. Thankfully it didn’t stop us from our mission. I am going to share a few things I learned in South Africa. What I learned & my experiences One thing I…Keep Reading

Beats and Books April 2015 Newsletter: Lessons at a Funeral

They sat in the back seat of the mini bus, clenching each other like two peas in a pod. She had dressed them smartly in identical dresses. The rest of the bus was seated with older women from the community, all dressed very well. They had fancy hats and an array of headwear. On first glance, you would mistake this brightly clad bunch for a party bus. Somewhat the Mamas…Keep Reading

Library Dreams Project has a new name!

A quick update from Cornelius and Prima Ngosa, representatives of ministry partner, The Leadership Experience: “Most of you are probably aware that my wife and I are visiting the US again. We landed safely on Friday 24th April 2015 and are in North Potomac, Maryland right now. Our mission for this trip is primarily to raise funds for the Library Dreams Project. We are also very open to share, encourage…Keep Reading

22 Days in Africa!

God has shown me many things on my three week mission trip to South Africa. One lesson I have learned is even if I do not have a specific skill to offer people, I can always give my time and love. The little things we do for people can be the biggest blessings. Washing their clothes, or their dishes or even cooking a little meal for them, God uses us…Keep Reading

Cornelius and Primadonna Ngosa

Cornelius and Prima recently got married in November 2014 in Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa where they serve as missionaries at The Leadership Experience (LXP). They met for the first time 20 years ago, but had no idea that they would end up as spouses. Born and raised in Zambia, Cornelius is the sixth born child of eight siblings while Primadonna is the third from a family of five. In 2007…Keep Reading

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