Beats and Books April 2015 Newsletter: Lessons at a Funeral

They sat in the back seat of the mini bus, clenching each other like two peas in a pod. She had dressed them smartly in identical dresses. The rest of the bus was seated with older women from the community, all dressed very well. They had fancy hats and an array of headwear. On first glance, you would mistake this brightly clad bunch for a party bus. Somewhat the Mamas…Keep Reading

Library Dreams Project has a new name!

A quick update from Cornelius and Prima Ngosa, representatives of ministry partner, The Leadership Experience: “Most of you are probably aware that my wife and I are visiting the US again. We landed safely on Friday 24th April 2015 and are in North Potomac, Maryland right now. Our mission for this trip is primarily to raise funds for the Library Dreams Project. We are also very open to share, encourage…Keep Reading

22 Days in Africa!

God has shown me many things on my three week mission trip to South Africa. One lesson I have learned is even if I do not have a specific skill to offer people, I can always give my time and love. The little things we do for people can be the biggest blessings. Washing their clothes, or their dishes or even cooking a little meal for them, God uses us…Keep Reading

Cornelius and Primadonna Ngosa

Cornelius and Prima recently got married in November 2014 in Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa where they serve as missionaries at The Leadership Experience (LXP). They met for the first time 20 years ago, but had no idea that they would end up as spouses. Born and raised in Zambia, Cornelius is the sixth born child of eight siblings while Primadonna is the third from a family of five. In 2007…Keep Reading

Bucks for Books at Birmingham Homeschoolers Community Fair

March 21st, 2015, Birmingham Homeschoolers Community Fair was held at the Pelham Civic Center. Hundreds of homeschool families attended the event. Bucks for Books members hosted a table to raise awareness about Bucks for Books and the Library Dreams Project in Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa. The kids distributed calendars and flyers relevant to the project to as many people as possible. $16 in donations were received from attendees. If you know…Keep Reading

Bucks for Books update

As you may be aware, Bucks for Books is on a mission to raise $130,000 to purchase a building in Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa, to be used as a Library and Music Academy for underprivileged children and young adults. Over the course of 2 years, the Leadership Experience has been collecting various musical instruments for the music academy and books for the library. The Buck book kids are challenging other…Keep Reading

Our friend George – South Africa

February 13th to 15th, 2015, Pastor George Mwanza, founder of the Leadership Experience (LXP), a partner organization to Grace Klein Community, blessed us with a special visit from South Africa. The Library Dreams Project is a ministry outreach of the Leadership Experience. “The Leadership Experience (LXP) is a cross-cultural discipleship program developing servant leaders in the continent of Africa. LXP focuses on character formation and servant-hood as it confronts the common aspirations of…Keep Reading

A Confession

Have you ever been so wrong about something that it hurts? The point where you just close your eyes and sigh because you realize that in your own power you have been reduced to nothing. On the contrary, have you ever been so loved that you are overwhelmed? Loved to the point that you just cannot comprehend what is happening. You are void of all words and sound… If you…Keep Reading

October Update

We appreciate all the help we’ve gotten for Bucks for Books. 44 people have given $3,163 which means we have $126,837 left. We give a special thanks to Kate and Ben Thomas for raising $35 at a lemonade stand. And another thanks to Girl Scout Daisy Troop 1269 –  they have had 3 meetings & are ready to improve our world! They brought their favorite books to share with each other &…Keep Reading

Bucks for Books, Week 2 – Marshmallow Challenge

We have 232 followers on Facebook and have 103.00 dollars. 25 people have given in a week. thank you!!!!! Give a special thanks to Mrs. Margaret for being our consultant. She helped us brain storm up some idears to keep this project going. This is helping us with math greatly…. fractions, estimation, tables, rows, columns, and line graphs. Today we had a marshmallow eating contest, you can give a dollar…Keep Reading

Bucks for Books – Our First Post

Buck Book Kids: Matthew, age 10; Denver, age 8; Clayton, age 12; Amelia Grace, age 10 We are raising money for a library in South Africa so kids can get a good education, and be able to read like us. We need to raise $130,000 in 12 months. All you have to do is give at least 1 dollar, but if you give 25 dollars you get a free t-shirt….Keep Reading

What do you believe?

What do you believe… ? That question is not single tracked. What do you believe… can help us ask ourselves so many questions about our personal lives and beliefs. That one simple question can redirect the whole nation. In fact, it is. I believe that questions are so powerful and sometimes dangerous. They have consequences. When a boy asks his mother whether she loves him, she may unwittingly naturally respond with…Keep Reading

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