Food and MORE Food + Coats

When you wake up every day and remember your organization is feeding 10,000+ people every month, you pray about food. And you pray A LOT. The prayers consist of… Who can be a food donor? Please God send funds. Inspire groups to collect food. Fill our box truck with food. Send volunteers. We need more helping hands. Who do YOU want us to ask to host a food drive? God…Keep Reading

Operation “Bundle Up Buttercup

Days 109-136 Operation “Bundle Up Buttercup” Thankful for construction heaters because baby it is cold inside!!! We have continued to see God bring donors of time, money and resources together to move this massive project forward. Exciting updates from the last 27 days: first intentional meal shared around a fire pit with blankets, Indian food and s’mores drywall finishing completed by MLB 6 ceiling fans, 3 exterior lights purchased from…Keep Reading

Chili For Jesus

The Offenders Alumni Association (OAA) hosted a chili dinner on December 14, 2018, for the ladies of the Birmingham Work Release Program. The chili fed 290 women and was a simple conduit to love and care for the hearts of the women. Grace Klein Community and the OAA work in partnership with one another to care for offenders and to lend a helping hand as offenders reacclimatize to society. For…Keep Reading

“Ask and it will be given to you.”

“Blessed are the merciful, or they shall obtain mercy.” – Matthew 5:7 Lord have mercy, not again!!! An early morning exclamation heard a few days before Thanksgiving that resonated through the basement after the discovery that one of our largest refrigerators had once again gone out. An unfortunate occurrence in the food business, but one that can be detrimental, even deadly to the food rescue business. Food that is already compromised,…Keep Reading

Taste and See

Exciting NEWS… Jenny Galey has written her first book, “Taste & See” which is now available for purchase on Amazon! The book is about the goodness of God, and how the Holy Spirit sets us free from strongholds as we feast on His WORD. All PROFITS from all purchases will be donated to our food delivery ministry for the first three months of book sales. All profits from this book…Keep Reading

Quietly Steady

Days 49-95 Operation “Quietly Steady” Over the last 46 days we may have been quiet about the progress of the community house, but God has been very busy moving the project forward. Three diverse groups shared their talents with us. Focus on Recovery ladies served through painting, cleaning and breaking apart pallets. Turning Point demolished the back deck, broke apart pallets, completed the excavation for the downstairs plumbing, and cleaned/pressure-washed…Keep Reading

“Go Live Your Life”

“Go live your life” are the new words that guide Evan’s days now. In August he had his milestone MRI that was used to compare to his August 2017 MRI which was performed at the end of chemotherapy treatment. One year later his results are excellent… no sign of cancer and possibly even improvement in the area of radiation therapy. There is no longer any swelling and he now can…Keep Reading

30 Days, only GOD.

Day 1: Operation “Let’s Kick It” Closed on House 13 people helped demo $500 given from South Oak Title Carpet and pad pulled and almost all kitchen demo’d Day 2: Operation “Ninja Style” Anonymous donor commits to match the next $3,500 given Ice provided for work crew from Taco Tech Lunch provided for volunteers by Little Donkey 280 15 community friends served All cabinets are now removed, floor is removed,…Keep Reading

Pressed, but not Crushed

Roxanne Blount is one of our committed community volunteers.  She serves as an admin for our Acts 4:32 group, making sure to accept new members that are added, watching for any inappropriate content that she removes immediately and gently reminding members to only use the group as a space for sharing.  She also serves at the office during the week when she can come.  She helps unload the truck and…Keep Reading

City on a Hill

When everything rational and prudent collides with all things crazy and faith-filled…another community house is born. On July 27, 2018, Grace Klein Community closed on a property in Hoover, AL. We began work immediately on much needed repairs to restore this home for the vision God has given us. What will this home be used for? Worship and Prayer Intentional Meals Encouragement Single Mama Support Christian Life Coaching Place of…Keep Reading

The “Moon” Rides Again

“Hello to all of Evan’s friends, family, supporters, and prayer warriors. Evan has been really busy with doctor appointments, rehabilitation work outs, visiting family and friends, and getting back on a cycle…a three wheel cycle! He has missed riding with friends from Redemptive Cycle, so with their help one of his wish list items has been accomplished. He now rides a reclinear Sunseeker Tadpole three wheel cycle with personalized settings…Keep Reading

Single Mom Connect

A dear friend and member of ministry partner, Church of the Highlands – Grandview, Kelly Williams, felt the Lord impress on her heart to love on Birmingham Single Mamas. Having been in the position herself, Kelly deeply connects with mamas walking through difficult decisions and financial struggles as they journey through their season of single parenthood. On July 14, 2018, Church of the Highlands, Grandview Campus will be hosting a…Keep Reading

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