“Moon” Progress

“It is time again for an Evan update! We are happy to share the great news that his most recent MRI results are stable and decreased once again and no evidence of tumor tissue! He has been so blessed with prayers and encouragement and he shares that with everyone he meets. He does not miss an opportunity to tell his story. He has voluntarily been part of a quality of…Keep Reading

Seeing God in the “Storm”

“A storm doesn’t necessarily mean rain, thunder, lightning, etc. It can be a storm of emotions when facing a cancer diagnosis, the loss of a loved one, the end of a marriage. Storms leave us feeling like we have been pelted with hail from all directions, like we can’t breathe because the wind has been knocked out of us. Yet, consider these words in Isaiah 43:2: “When you pass through…Keep Reading

Grace Klein Community partners with Birmingham, Alabama Team Moxie to respond to Hurricane Harvey Survivors

Grace Klein Community was excited to receive the call from one of our community members of an initiative that he and some others began for those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. The community volunteers will be handling all coordination of this special relief effort. We operate as a community fueled by the love and energy of its members and are excited to mobilize volunteers to care for those in distress. Every…Keep Reading

Another Moon Ache

“Thank you Jesus! These are the words we use to start each day as Evan continues to improve. The August MRI report is good and again shows the tumor area decreasing. Chemotherapy is complete and Evan is now in the “surveillance phase” and will continue bi monthly MRI scans. Evan is excited to move on to the next step of recovery! He will continue physical therapy even more earnestly since…Keep Reading

Moon Take Thy Flight

“Evan has been doing well and has been busy. We are on our own for physical therapy and that has been a challenge. He has to work in “sets” throughout the day and we try to make everyday tasks a part of therapy as much as possible. The therapists evaluate his progress once a month and they have been pleased. His walk has improved and strengthening his left leg is…Keep Reading

Support for Shaggy – One Year Anniversary

“Time has passed so quickly since our last update on everything happening in Evan’s world. His last MRI results were wonderful! The words were “stable and improved!” God gave us more than we know was possible when the word “improved” was included in the report. Thank you to family, friends and supporters for all the prayers. We are happily overwhelmed by God’s goodness and so many wonderful people with such…Keep Reading

Our Love for Lucas

Lucas Evan Dunigan, born on August 28, 2008, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) on December 29, 2014 at age six. On May 8, 2017, at age eight, Lucas took his last breathe. Lucas was a ray of sunshine. His battle against cancer never robbed his sweet face from a smile. Lucas, a 2nd Grader at Rocky Ridge Elementary School, had a passion for legos. If he could have…Keep Reading

To the Moon and Back… and Beyond!

As we have watched our friend Evan Moon battle brain cancer since his diagnosis last May, we have all been stretched on how to love. From the beginning, from wherever any of us were when we met Evan, he has been teaching us how to love. Remember the 8:00pm clock. Always set for 8pm with that now infamous quote “it’s time to love and it’s time to accept love.“ We…Keep Reading

Moon Mission Accomplished

Thanks to 90 amazing individuals and families, Evan and his parents received an amazing surprise for his 33rd birthday. Guess how much was raised for our brother Evan one $33 puzzle piece at a time??!! $18,724.19… in three weeks…yes!! $18,724.19… some of which has ALREADY been used to cover medical expenses for Evan and will continue to help him for the coming months. Our goal was $16,500 and because of the amazing friends…Keep Reading

Be a Part of the Puzzle

In May 2016, Evan Moon had emergency brain surgery and he continues to battle brain cancer with monthly chemo. Unable to substantially move his left side, Evan cannot work, run simple errands or prepare his own meals. Imagine! Be a part of the puzzle for his surprise 33rd birthday. For every $33 you give, your name will be written on a puzzle piece that will be a birthday gift from…Keep Reading

Moon Lift

Every month we share an encouraging and thought provoking letter with the boxes of food that are delivered all around our city. Guess who wanted to write this month’s food box letter… a man who is relearning how to read and write, a friend whose left arm is not moving when he is left-handed, a buddy battling a year of chemo after brain surgery. Here’s what Evan shared… God Loves…Keep Reading

Jocelyn “JOY” Roberson

Looking for a way to serve the week before Christmas?! A young 30’s lady has unexpectedly died and the funeral is Friday. The family needs help feeding approximately 200 people. Could a bunch of folks help made a dish or two and bring to the Grace Klein Community office by 2pm on Thursday? Please label directions on what the dish is and how to cook. And also make sure the item…Keep Reading

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