Be a Part of the Puzzle

In May 2016, Evan Moon had emergency brain surgery and he continues to battle brain cancer with monthly chemo. Unable to substantially move his left side, Evan cannot work, run simple errands or prepare his own meals. Imagine! Be a part of the puzzle for his surprise 33rd birthday. For every $33 you give, your name will be written on a puzzle piece that will be a birthday gift from…Keep Reading

Moon Lift

Every month we share an encouraging and thought provoking letter with the boxes of food that are delivered all around our city. Guess who wanted to write this month’s food box letter… a man who is relearning how to read and write, a friend whose left arm is not moving when he is left-handed, a buddy battling a year of chemo after brain surgery. Here’s what Evan shared… God Loves…Keep Reading

Jocelyn “JOY” Roberson

Looking for a way to serve the week before Christmas?! A young 30’s lady has unexpectedly died and the funeral is Friday. The family needs help feeding approximately 200 people. Could a bunch of folks help made a dish or two and bring to the Grace Klein Community office by 2pm on Thursday? Please label directions on what the dish is and how to cook. And also make sure the item…Keep Reading

Moonwalking the Calling

Paul says to us in Ephesians, “I urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called.” In this moment, for today, what is our calling and will we walk in it? Evan has a choice to walk, in such a manner, as worthy of the calling to which he has been called. We are all called to something and that calling infiltrates…Keep Reading

Insurance Policy Cancelled … Now What???

Imagine receiving such a letter, advising you to secure other insurance coverage, as your current policy will no longer be offered in 2017. Many of you may have even received such a letter from your insurance carrier and feel the stress. What now?? Imagine that you are battling brain cancer and you received that letter!! The most urgent, pressing and immediate need for Evan Moon is health insurance. How does…Keep Reading

Do the Moon Squeeze

“Evan’s chemotherapy week was much better this time. He tolerated the drug well. The next treatment, starting October 23rd, will be another increase in dosage and should be the optimum dosage amount. Fatigue and loss of appetite symptoms are strongest the week following chemotherapy so this is the tough week. Crank up the prayers! Evan is still working hard with physical therapy and we are nearing the last of the…Keep Reading

In Less Than Five Hours

On September 3, 2016, one of our community members, Paul Dopson, and his family, lost his mom and all his worldly possessions from a house fire. Devastated and heart broken seem inadequate words to describe how he sounded when he called to share the news. He remained confident in the faithfulness of Christ in spite of his worldly circumstances. From a Facebook post update, here is what happened on September…Keep Reading

Update on the “Moon”

Well, a month has passed since we have updated you on our friend Evan Moon who is battling brain cancer. Maybe the posts have been quiet, but NOT Evan. He continues to grow his vocabulary, speaking to friends, family, health care providers and strangers every day. Evan still gets words tangled and may call someone the wrong name, but his brain is slowly relearning how to pronounce words and get…Keep Reading

As Sure as the “Moon”

Well, it’s been a bit since we’ve provided an update on our friend Evan Moon. In case you are out of the loop…. Evan is 32 years old and had emergency brain surgery in May due to an unexpected tumor. The doctors were not able to get all of the tumor due to its placement amongst arteries and the brain itself. He’s facing a year long battle of intense radiation…Keep Reading


“Greetings to all. Thank you to everyone for continued prayer for Evan for complete healing and recovery. Evan has reached the halfway point for radiation/chemotherapy treatments and has been blessed with very few side effects. He sometimes has a headache after treatment so he “outsmarts” that with a Tylenol beforehand. He has begun to lose some hair, mostly on the right side, which makes his “crazy hair” more crazy. He…Keep Reading

Taking the “Moon” by Surprise

As Evan battles cancer we’ll continue to have surprises to encourage and love on him! Today’s surprise is from the Teen Valley Ranch family! Evan, What a light you are! I remember when I first met you – the New Years that Walker and I were dating and we were all at camp. Of course your car was parked halfway up the hill to the lower ball field and partially in…Keep Reading

The “Moon” has Left the Building

“Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love, that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.” – Psalm 90:14 From the Moon family: “The last week has been a blur of activity as we prepared for Evan to discharge from Emory Rehab Hospital and come live in our sunroom. The house has been in a state of crazy, shower door modifications, AC unit work, relocating all our…Keep Reading

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