Carry On, Love Warrior

Sharing rescued food is pretty amazing. As more families get involved and learn how to love their neighbors, more food comes. We feel “in over our heads,” but volunteers keep showing up and honestly we cannot capture all the amazing stories of what God is doing with the food we “rescue” from a dismal landfill fate. When a volunteer drives the box truck to our donor to pick up a…Keep Reading

Do You Write?

Since 2009, Grace Klein Community has been serving the Greater Birmingham area through our monthly food delivery. Our September food delivery actually marked our 7 year anniversary of monthly food delivery. Wow, who knows how many people those weekends have impacted between the volunteers and the families that receive the assistance. We can conservatively say food delivery involved over 1000 people this month which would calculate to approximately 84,000 people…Keep Reading

Box Truck Creates More Opportunities

Maybe you knew, or maybe you did not, but Grace Klein Community needed a box truck. Transporting donations has always been a juggle of many volunteer vehicles, a loaned trailer we affectionately named “the goat trailer,” other borrowed trucks and trailers, and a few donated vehicles. Sometimes multiple trips were required or trips had to be rescheduled because of weather issues. We made it work, but nothing about pickups and…Keep Reading

Why the GKC Market Matters

Below are four testimonials from different families who participate in the GKC Trade Market. If you haven’t heard of the GKC Trade Market, you may want to read THIS POST. I wanted to drop a quick note and let you know how much Grace Klein Community food traders has stretched our faith and allowed us to trust God more. For the last three weeks, we’ve been giving away half of…Keep Reading

Our Grandmamas Would Be Proud

Many of you visit Trader Joe’s every week for groceries, but maybe you haven’t realized you are supporting “Not Your Average Joe.” Grace Klein Community could never explore creative ideas, like our Sunday GKC Trade Market, without rescued food. What is rescued food? It’s the food that community volunteers pick up, right before it finds itself in the dumpster, behind local stores in our community. It’s the food that is…Keep Reading

Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham

At the end of May 2016, we were surprised and overwhelmingly blessed by a $20,000 grant from the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham. We look forward to purchasing a reliable box truck for the transporting of food to feed families. Currently, we make multiple trips in a variety of vehicles, using loaned trailers, to pick up food donations. We pray away the rainy weather in hopes we can transport boxes…Keep Reading

Huie Law Serve Day

On Friday, June 3rd, a group of volunteers from Huie Law spent the afternoon serving at the Grace Klein Community office.  Prior to the scheduled service day, they spent several weeks collecting non-perishable food items, toiletries, and paper products in order to assist the over 200 families that Grace Klein Community provides a food box to every month.  The staff was split into two teams and were extremely competitive in filling the large donation…Keep Reading

Interlinc Family Foundation

In May of 2016, the Interlinc Family Foundation donated $7,000.00 to Grace Klein Community. The contribution was given to sponsor food boxes delivered to over 200 families in the month of May. Along with this donation, several Interlinc Mortgage employees are now volunteering with Grace Klein Community on a regular basis. We appreciate and are encouraged by the financial and volunteer support from the local Interlinc Mortgage office, the Interlinc…Keep Reading

I Could Have Gotten Shot

What NOT to do when you go on a food delivery route, as told from a long-term food delivery volunteer. “I should have known better. But I made a dumb mistake, a mistake that could have cost me my life. Every month I always visit the same families. Most all of us do if we have committed to the food delivery ministry. The last seven years or so, I’ve been…Keep Reading

Not Your Average Joe

One of our most recent business partners is Trader Joe’s. One of our community volunteers walked into Trader Joe’s one rainy afternoon, handed the manger a Grace Klein Community pamphlet, told him who we were and what we were about. After just a few minutes of conversation Grace Klein Community was placed on their donation pick up schedule. Volunteers collect donations twice a week and are on call during the week…Keep Reading

Oranges and Grapefruit

iRefer is a networking group that has graciously chosen Grace Klein Community as the charity for their network. We participate weekly in this generous networking community as we work together to better one another. This year, the iRefer group voted to sell fruit on behalf of Grace Klein Community. Each member will be selling the fruit to friends and family. They will also be asking friends to sponsor a box…Keep Reading

Doers of the Word

That moment when you find the freezer door seal has failed. What next? Pray, text and call some ladies. No way can we throw away a freezer of food. Everything is cold, but no longer frozen. Chicken, lots of chicken, and pork chops. See what happens. Because the body of Christ not only reads the Word, but does what it says, help showed up. Lots of it. A huge thank…Keep Reading

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