Crestway Baptist Church – Come to the Table

On February 17, 2018, Crestway Baptist Church graciously invited Grace Klein Community to share how the Lord is teaching us to “Come to the Table” at their Annual Ladies’ Fellowship Luncheon.

The ladies of Crestway Baptist Church hosted a precious intentional time with scripture, worship, homemade food, and door prizes. What an encouragement, the hugs, smiles and authentic conversation brought unity and purpose to a Come to the Table gathering. As a surprise to Grace Klein Community, an offering was collected to purchase Bibles for one of our Global Ministry Partners, Kwathu Ministries.

Loneliness is epidemic. Social media is not solving our longing of intimacy. Our hearts are longing for community. God created us to listen and talk, to fellowship, to break bread together. Dear friend, if you are not inviting friends to your table, please do not overthink the details of how or when or what, courageously start.

Come to the Table 

We invite you to simply begin by visiting our office (2652 Old Rocky Ridge Road, Hoover, AL 35216.) We are open Monday – Friday: 08:30 am – 5:30 pm. Come for the intentional purpose of inviting friends to your table.

What to expect:

      • Mondays – fresh donuts, fresh bagels, salad kits
      • Tuesdays – fresh loaves of bread and ready to serve desserts
      • Thursdays – fresh pastries and homemade breads
      • Monday – Friday – fresh produce, milk and a variety of surprises
      • Sundays – protein, fruit and veggies
      • GKC is closed the Sunday after Food Delivery Saturday as we give all possible resources away that Saturday.

Scriptures to meditate on as you pray and ask the Lord who to invite to your table: 

      • Matthew 22:37-39
      • Acts 4:32
      • Colossians 4:6
      • Hebrews 13:1-2
      • Hebrews 13:16
      • Romans 12:9-13

Books we recommend reading: 

      • Come and Eat – Bri McCoy
      • Simpy Tuesday – Emily Freeman
      • The Turquoise Table – Kristen Schell
      • Bread and Wine – Shauna Niequist
      • A Meal with Jesus – Tim Chester

Meal ideas from Grace Klein Community: 

      • Veggie Stir- Fry with toasted baguette
      • Potato soup with homemade croutons
      • Taco soup – preserve ingredients as they come until you have all your ingredients for huge pot
      • Roasted salmon and veggies  – layer the veggies for roasting first and then add fish at the end
      • Vegetarian Plate – asparagus, roaster peppers, stuffed mushrooms, broccoli and stewed apples
      • Host a ladies brunch of dips, veggies and fruit
      • Afternoon dessert and coffee

Grace Klein Community would be honored to share with your church or small group with ideas on how Come to the Table gatherings build Jesus unity and combat loneliness. Email for more information.




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