Divide and Conquer

In God’s goodness, we come together and strive to be our best selves. For the month of February 2019, Grace Klein Community, Inc. had six separate groups of volunteers donate their time either at the up-and-coming community house, “The House on the Hill,” or our community office. The Shelby Crossings youth group and Godspeed Elite Sports Academy took the divide and conquer approach; while the women and teenagers either cleaned the community house or sorted shoes for our global partner fundraiser, the men constructed an ENTIRE deck! The gratitude GKC feels when we look at the completed deck framing and installed deck boards is beyond words. In fact, later that same day, the prayer team for “The House on the Hill” came to pray over the home and take a tour of the nearly finished construction.

 The next two serve days took place during Food Box Delivery weekend, and oh my goodness, was the help of Shades Mountain Baptist Church Seniors, the Rocky Ridge Presbyterian Church youth, and the Hand Tools Workshop Class of the Alabama Woodworker’s Guild of Alabaster, AL, greatly appreciated. The donations of non-perishables and fresh foods this month was nothing short of miraculous. Each of the 313 boxes were literally overflowing with food. Thanks to Shades Mountain, we were able to bring these blessings to reality for the community, as they worked an hour and a half past their served commitment to build the non-perishable portion of the boxes. And…God did not stop there! As soon the food boxes began to leave the GKC office, a few representatives of Galleria Woods Retirement Home came by to drop off multiple bags of new and beautiful goods–these ladies brought purses, accessories, food, and even clothing to be used for our next ‘No More Safety Pins’ event.

When Rocky Ridge Presbyterian Church youth arrived to our office, after the Saturday morning monthly food boxes were in the process of delivery via 70+ volunteer individuals and families, it felt like a sneak-peek of summer camp days to look forward to at our office. The tougher kids, who did not mind breaking a sweat, helped move items from the basement to the box truck, to be shared with one of our ministry partners. Else where in the office, the ladies and girls worked on arts and crafts that can be shared with anyone one who comes into our building through our “Be Salt and Light” 2019 initiative. Now, everyone that comes by Grace Klein Community will receive a small token to remember to be salt and light in Birmingham, AL. 

While the youth were occupied on special projects, the Wood Working Guild were rebuilding our deteriorated front porch handrails. They are looking amazing, much safer for all who swing by, and the men will complete the final touches when the decorative pieces arrive that they have ordered for us. These men would not agree to a group picture as they promised us they did not sign up to serve to receive any recognition. We loved their humble hearts and sent them home with bundles of flowers to surprise their wives.

Finally, the Mighty Oaks Cooperative came on February 26, 2019, to conclude our month strong. They decorated food boxes for our March food delivery, worked on more “Salt and Light” candles, chipped in with general cleaning and ensured our Give and Take Room was empty and ready for another month of shares.

We are always amazed at all the ways the Birmingham, AL, community works together to share Christ by caring for the needs of one another. Maybe we are the spoiled ones as we meet amazing people, every single day, who choose to lay down their lives and love others more than they love themselves.

Here comes March! What will God do next?!!

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