Doing God’s Work

What ya doing on Mondays and Tuesdays? Volunteers, Liz and Adam, are off work on these days so they serve with Grace Klein Community by caring for people right where they live. They come help sort all the rescued food, and with permission they received from the local police, they set up a free stand to give a hand up and some Jesus encouragement to their neighbors.

In her own words…

Doing God's Work“We set up in front of our apartment, and I created a sign that says free food along with what kind of food we have. I stand in the middle of the road and hold the sign and Adam helps the people that pull up. There is a lot of homeless people around here so we’ve made some connections and try to give them as much food as possible. There is also a lot of people that are struggling just as we are. So to help them makes us feel better. I have to give credit to my mom as she helps us with gas so we can do this every week.”
– Liz, volunteer
Green Springs, Birmingham, AL

Doing God's WorkMaybe sometimes the people that have all they need forget that others struggle, but people like Adam and Liz know it is hard to make ends meet so they find it easy to relate to their neighbors. In serving those around them, they are also being reminded that God wants to use them to do His work. When they fill out the clipboard at the office to head out, that’s what they write…

“Doing God’s Work.”

If you have a few hours a week to help preserve food, sort food, deliver food, or prepare food into frozen meals, we need you. Email and we will help mobilize you!

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