Dynamite Comes in Small Packages

“One of my favorite things about working at Grace Klein Community is community. There are various types of people I come in contact with each day. We all look, sound, and act different. Sometimes I meet someone and it takes me a while to get close to them or earn their trust. Other times, I meet someone and we jive instantly. Lori Worford was one of those for me.

Lori is a no-nonsense woman with a directness about her that I appreciate. I always know what she’s thinking and feeling and she saves me the trouble of having to assess a situation. Her love for Jesus drives her to work extremely hard! She sees what needs to be done and jumps in full force, getting the job done. I honestly don’t know what our Give and Take Room would be like if Lori didn’t spend the hours in there that she does, along with other volunteers! We would be drowning in a sea of bags! The other day, Lori spent HOURS sorting through donations and then loaded up my and her car, and we drove to Liberty Church to drop them off for our No More Safety Pins clothing exchange. I thought she would drop them and head home, but she didn’t. Once we got all the donations into the church, she started opening bags. She stayed and helped sort through all those donations!

Lori constantly gives her time and resources without expectation for anything in return. At the No More Safety Pins event hosted in August by Liberty Church Birmingham, Lori ran the kitchen like a boss. She took initiative, used food items available, and turned the snack table into such a pleasant surprise! Walking passed the sweet treats without grabbing anything was pretty tricky. Lori made the smallest of snacks look so delightful and tasty. When Lori has something else on her schedule, the absence of her presence is dearly missed.

Our Monday night gatherings are a great venue for Lori to share her catering abilities.  She will create salads that look like a work of art for community members to enjoy.  Also, she has graciously shared her story of God’s work in her life to encourage others who are struggling with difficulties.  Her realness and vulnerability are refreshing.

If you’ve ever seen Lori, you wouldn’t think she has much physical strength. She is very petite. But looks are definitely deceiving in her case! Lori will climb up into the box truck and unload heavy cases of food, and you better not get in her way! She’s ready to work and she’s not afraid to let you know when you’re slowing her down! She is a roaring lion disguised as a kitten. She is beautiful and strong.

One thing so amazing about Lori is hearing her story and realizing that when Grace Klein Community began, she could barely walk up the front steps.  She would coupon shop and bring food to donate during her recovery from a severe accident.  She would use a cane and suffer excruciating pain to conquer those front steps.  No one could imagine the healing God would give to our friend.  Knowing Lori now, it is hard to imagine she was ever frail.

Lori sets a great example for today’s generation in respect of work ethic, giving of oneself beyond what is expected, and loving unconditionally.

We are better together with Lori.”

– Amaris Joy, Volunteer Coordinator

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