First Saturday Serve

“All Serve Days come with highs and lows, but seldom is that sentiment taken as literally as it was on Saturday. October 6, 2018. Church of the Highlands, Grandview Campus had a team of eight energetic volunteers. One volunteer, Trent, spent more time off the ground than on it while he painted the exterior of the house; another group, on the other hand, dug two-feet-deep post holes for the new deck. As I said, highs and lows!

This team truly outdid themselves with their work ethic–in their three-and-a-half hours with us.  Church of the Highlands seems to be utterly driven by the cause, which prompted a cascade of motivation by all parties. Right from the get-go, these volunteers were taking charge, and choosing to serve in these laborious tasks. Their self-determination made volunteer management an essentially obsolete necessity.

And of course, GKC cannot thank Church of the Highlands without giving a special shout out to the true team captain, Newt, the blue heeler. After inspecting the freshly constructed post holes, he was so proud of the humans’ efforts, he insisted on trying to jump in holes! His commitment to quality control is amberable.

By the end of the shift, some major accomplishments had taken place:

  • Windows were thoroughly cleaned
  • Ceilings, shelves, and some doorways were painted
  • Holes in the walls and nailed were patched–Thanks Jason Pugh!
  • The driveways power washed
  • 1/2 exterior of the house was painted
  • Four post holes for the new deck were finished

If Rome had workers like this group, maybe it could have been built in a day.”

– Cassidy Clevenger, Social Work Intern

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