Bundles of Fresh Flowers

When we received a call on a Sunday afternoon for an “emergency flower pickup,” we never imagined returning to GKC with 299 bundles of flowers. That very day, we visited the apartment complex of a dear friend to share the love. Our friend “just so happened” to be outside her apartment as we drove in and asked what we were doing. She heard of our flower excursion and decided to join us. Her and her daughter introduced us to various neighbors who they felt needed a little extra tender loving care, and we gave them all flowers. Everyone was blown away to be thought of on a Sunday afternoon.

Our volunteer team picked up another large load of flowers that same evening. We even went again the next day for an additional load. Then, AGAIN on Friday evening for another almost 300 bundles. All together, in six days, we were given over 1000 bundles of mint condition flowers.

We are not sure what happened with our donor’s flower orders, but the people of Birmingham sure received LOVE DOES in the form of beautiful flowers.

“My best friend surprised me with these along with a huge box of food. It was such a sweet gesture on a day I needed it most!” – Tawny Day

“I didn’t get a picture, but it was a such a precious moment to see my mother smile for the first time since my father passed away 4 weeks ago.” – Melanie Weeks

One of our community couples went and visited several friends in a retirement home and even received the below thank you note.  

A sweet young girl wanted to give flowers to all the ladies at her church on Wednesday night. We kept the office open late for her as she and her mom made two runs to ensure every lady received a bundle of flowers.

When the woodworking guild rebuilt our handrails on Saturday, all the married men took a bundle to their wives.

We also had food delivery on Saturday and every family that received a food box also received fresh flowers.

Here’s a precious testimonial from one of our new volunteers regarding her Saturday experience:

“I am a firm believer that God leads us. January was my first month to serve. It was a 2019 goal I set for myself after following your page for a while. Today I got to bring my daughter and we were so blessed. She saw a lady there who used to keep her in the YMCA daycare (God led.). I was asked this time to deliver & we had the most precious lady. She said she was glad to get the mayo (lol), and that she really needed the wash rags, pillows and towels. But when Reagan brought her the bouquet of flowers she was overcome w/emotion & said it had been years since anyone had given her flowers. We chatted w/her for a while and learned we have a mutual friend/Pastor in common.

Thank you so much for asking me to deliver today (God led.)

Doing this w/my daughter was such a wonderful experience & she really enjoyed as did I.” – Lori Rikard

We can not adequately explain all the ways God used hundreds and hundreds of fresh flowers to minister to the hearts of women all over our city.

Who knows what God will send this week?? But one thing we do know… the people of Grace Klein will go scatter love with whatever He provides to bring a smile to another’s face, to remind a friend they are cherished or to tell a stranger we see them.

“Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor.” – Romans 12:10


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