Gods Kingdom in Belize

From Jon and Melissa Womack:  We had the chance to visit some brothers and sisters in Belize at King’s College in the middle of the jungle. The staff at this small boarding school/high school are committed, loving, hard-working people who want to raise up a generation who knows Christ and makes an impact on their young country. We learned so much by watching how they love these kids and work long hours to train them up. We also learned much from parents and students in seeing the lengths they go to to get a good education in a place where there are very few options for higher education. The students come from many tiny villages around the school on bike, on foot, and a few by bus. Most villages are at least a few miles from King’s and the kids get up extremely early to make it to school if they don’t live on campus. And, the parents make sacrifices to pay for school – high school in Belize is not a given like it is here. It’s considered higher ed and is a big accomplishment for a student to graduate.

We went to Belize with a friend who represents Zion International Mission Ministries (http://zimminc.org/home), Charles Ray. This is a man who has poured his life out for the sake of others and it is evident when you see him there, interacting with the people of Belize. He has spent almost a decade visiting Belize multiple times a year, taking supplies to help make life a little easier, building relationships, training people, and just generally sharing the love of Christ. His goal for King’s College is to make it the best education possible for kids in the area and he works tirelessly to market King’s throughout Belize and in the US to attract new students. One of the specific goals is to have a modern computer lab so students can learn IT at a level above the rest of the country, which is about a decade behind the US. Our primary reason for going was to work in this computer lab to assess where it is and what can be done to improve it. The campus now has wireless internet, so teachers can work from their houses rather than having to be in the computer lab or school office. We have a goal of providing 15 laptops over the next year or two to replace the ancient desktops that are there now, most of which don’t work at all. Laptops are a perfect fit for this school because of portability and the ease of covering them in rainy seasons and storms – the buildings don’t have windows – just screens. If you know of anyone who has a laptop they no longer want, please ask if they would be willing to donate it. You may also want to ask your work, especially if you work for a large company. Often, laptops are upgraded and old ones are donated. Donations can be made through Grace Klein Community.

DSCF1126Please pray for King’s College, for ZIMM Ministries, and for the brothers and sisters in Belize pouring out themselves for the sake of Christ. And, keep watching the Grace Klein Community site for possible mission trip opportunities to Belize in the next year.


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