Her as the Herald

“Do you know what a herald is? So to describe it, it’s basically someone whom is an official messenger of a cause or society bringing news to other outreaches/areas. A person who is a herald is responsible for interlinking people, ideas, warnings, knowledge, and just general news. Without them, through all of existence, there would have been less to no information advancement, no cultural education, and the world would be so much darker, dull, and dreadfully uninformed.

Ever heard that old coined phrase, “don’t shoot the messenger?” There’s a reason why that saying is so ever paramount. I feel like any business tycoon or savvy enterprise could see this as a great power point and segue into preaching the power of networking and marketing strategy. Perhaps so, but my point of power, at these finger tips, writing this piece, is to preach and segue into the herald at Grace Klein Community.

Rachael Cannon.

Rachael contributes to the GKC in ways, that can make a heart very happy, and at ease, with a full grasp of: what happens at Grace Klein Community; what its mission is; and what effects it has on its surroundings. As our herald, she is spreading all the when, where, why, how, and what to the ears and eyes of the rest of the world and ultimately building a bigger and better community. Rachael started working at Grace Klein Community late last year, and it’s funny because her first day training with Mr. Scott Elliott, on the ends and outs of her new position, was also my first day seeing Grace Klein and learning about my volunteer work that was yet to come. Both our first days, huh, how about that? I don’t believe in coincidences. This was divine. Maybe a drawing in of familiar spirits. I mean we’re two peas in a pod, we’re a regular ole Starsky and Hutch!

Now to illustrate this young lady, in my own personal account, would be to use this word broken into syllables… EN-ER-GY! She’s like a little super fly that’s impossible to squash! She has great focus and resolve, and is quite educated in her field. I also don’t know if I’m aware of a funnier or goofier girl. Rachael makes me laugh a lot, especially when she tries to dance (please stop Rach, please!). Her spirit is remarkably infectious, and working with Rachael through marketing and networking, for GKC, is always such a delightful pleasure for me. She’s not just “doing her job” when she works, she’s spreading an important message, she’s preaching a gospel that’s quite bigger than you or I my friends. It’s all second nature (maybe first) to Rachael. I’ve watched her talk to people and businesses about Grace Klein Community and I know there’s so much conviction in her speech of marketing. You see at the end of it all, it’s not about sponsors and endorsements and money and partnerships, it’s this piece of spiritual bread that’s being broken and passed, by and by, that is helping bring us all together. Can you even put a physical price on something like that? Rachael has more ambition then the amount of gravitational force holding her to the floor, and she’s without a doubt going to achieve her goals in life, and all because of His Glory.

His Glory is why Rachael does what she does in the first place. Now if you don’t know this glorious woman, like I do, then you may be a bit surprised at where she was at in life at one point. Now I’m not going to give you her full testimony and journey, but you can always read the “about Rachael” in the Staff part of the GKC website, or more importantly talk to her in person. She definitely does not mind sharing it. Her past was a bit dreary with many obstacles to overcome, and even arguably to the degree that some people don’t come back from… She came back…

God has done unbelievable things in her life, and honestly the turmoil and darkness she faced is the reason why she is who she is today, and I could not imagine a different person then the one I call my friend. I look up to Rachael in admiration, a lot of people should, especially young women who are struggling and feel like they’re drowning in this wretched hypnotic rhythm the devil has put them in. I believe that one day Rachael is going to be an important shepherd with her own ministry for young ladies just like herself whom have sailed or are sailing through the same storms she did, and the message she delivers will be loud and clear. Hope. His Glory. EN-ER-GY!

“Oh Lord my God, I cried out to You, and You healed me.” – Psalm 30:2

The things we say in life, the words we deliver, the messages we send to one another are so fundamental. Imagine that moment you met that person, or got that idea, or developed that relationship, or a connection was made, or a network was set, or you were forever changed in that one instance someone reached out, and now imagine if it never happened. Where would you be? Who would you be? What would be or what would be not?

Rachael is that middleman (woman) between the concept of people, and the rest of their lives, finding that differing something, that copious life. So you see, Rachael means more to Grace Klein Community then just the business sense of marketing and networking that appears on the surface. She’s interconnecting people through His Glory with unwavering reason. Rachael Cannon is a strong, capable, influential, powerful, beautiful, and loving woman, and if I didn’t believe in “girl power” before, then she delivered the message loud and clear to me.

Thank you for being the herald of Grace Klein community Rachael, your outreaching voice has sang the most beautiful of ballads that make more people join the choir, and it’s also helping create a lighter, sharper, and more wonderfully informed existence.

Don’t shoot the messenger.. just give her hugs and buy her ice cream.”

– Mitchell Roulaine

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