“Here I Am, Send Me!”

“Hello dear friends,

It is that time again. Time to be humbled and remain obedient to the Father’s call of “Go!” Oh, how He makes me laugh. I promise you, as I returned to Georgia (for the third time) the summer of 2015 I thought I had gotten enough of Africa “out of my system” and was ready to “put roots down.” #AmericanDream… At least, that’s what I tried to tell everyone. But with each month that passed, new and old friends would ask “So, where are you going next?” It wasn’t a coincidence. It was God shaping this lump of clay. My response to Him now is, “Here I am, send me!”

I have been accepted to work as a full-time media teacher with Dakar Academy beginning the fall of 2018. Dakar Academy (DA) was established to serve the educational needs of missionary families living and working in Senegal and other parts of West Africa. Years of experience working with youth, a college degree in media and a lifetime of loving Africa have collided into one big ball of AMAZING! I am greatly looking forward to teaching their middle and high school students to use technology and creativity in media to impact the world with their powerful voices and hearts.

What’s more exciting is that I don’t want to do this alone. This will be a wonderful opportunity to remain in Africa long-term. I am praying and working to establish connections – such as the one I have with Grace Klein Community – that can support my stay in Senegal. First, I need prayer. Second, though the school is gracious to their staff by providing housing and a stipend, I will still need approximately $500 a month. These extra funds will allow me to truly integrate myself into the culture. I will be able to walk my neighborhood and get basic needs from local markets and stores. I will be able to concentrate on the needs of my students and neighbors because you are helping to support me.

I will be partnering with Grace Klein Community as my home base and covering while I am in Senegal. We’ve committed to maintain our friendship through communication and support. They will be able to help me build a team supporting the work that will be done in Dakar and through DA.

I commit to maintaining contact with friends and family while I’m working with Dakar Academy. I want to share this adventure with you. More than just teaching within the school I foresee many beautiful opportunities within the Dakar community. I invite you to join in prayer and financial support.” – Caitlin Woodward

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Memo: Dakar Academy, Caitlin Woodward

* Photo credit: Dakar Academy


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