In One Heart and Mind

Thanks to community, the 2017 Bambelela Drum Circle was a huge success!!! 6 Business Sponsors, 36 volunteers, 3 Ministry Partners, 3 professional hula-hoopers, a “Day of Beauty” contest, 100+ first entry party favors, face painting by Pinky Fancy Faces, kids creating instruments, 75+ cake walk giveaways, corn hole, djembe drum raffle, food, a surprise donut feast, and 150 friends jamming to the beat culminated into an awesome evening. Together we raised $1,795.25 for Grace Klein Community ministry partner, Kwathu Children’s Home.

Did you know??? Bambelela is a Zulu word (one of the official languages of South Africa) meaning: Hold on. Have you ever heard the song called “Bambelela?” If not, check it out HERE.

Our heart behind the annual Bambelela Drum Circle is for all to experience true Koinonia, a deep unity and fellowship that should exist amongst all Christ followers, the Body of Christ. Communion. Joint participation and contribution plays a vital role in the planning, preparation, and roll out of the event each year. A beautiful representation of the Body of Christ, actively working together, each part just as important as the other.

Read the awesome testimony below from one of our sweet friends who attended the drum circle with her family for the first time:

“I can’t begin to tell you what an unbelievable blessing it was for our family to attend this event and feel that true “community” atmosphere. The food, cakewalk, face painting, crafts for kids, and hula hooping… so awesome. When we sat down at the drum circle and felt the beats from everyone in the room all in rhythm and unity… nothing can describe how soothing yet invigorating. We even enjoyed being a part of community in cleaning up and setting out the chairs! So grateful for Grace Klein Community and all of the wonderful people we have gotten to know and now call friends.

It was truly a blessing being part of something “bigger” than just us, ya know? I guess that feeling started ahead of time when Grace Klein Community asked if I would like to make goodies for an event. I spent all day with my daughter baking over 100 muffins, explaining to her that they were for the GKC drum circle. I used bananas that someone taught me how to freeze one of the first times I went to the GKC Trade Market. I’ve been waiting to use them to bless others in some way. The whole time we baked I reflected on how much GKC has blessed my heart just by observing what a difference it makes in so many lives.

I’ve been longing to have friends for a while and God showed me that He HAS put friends in my life. Yeah, I definitely feel like a part of community! Wearing my “The Church has left the Building” shirt even helped me change my perspective and seek out ways to serve God. I’m glad because I was then aware of an opportunity to pray and minister with a lady and it was totally God appointed. She had breast cancer in the past, recently found a new spot and was going to have surgery the following day to have it removed. I knew she was scared. Before we started praying she broke down crying about a different burden. I was able to connect with her and share about a recent similar situation in my life. When she left she seemed a thousand times better.

I’m starting to see what this “community” thing kinda feels like!”


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