Ithemba Woman of Hope Retreat

Reflections – Ithemba Woman of Hope Retreat – November 13 – 14, 2015 

“Dear Family and Friends,

70f745d8-8d84-4a53-8470-b1800e148256Thank you so much to all of you who lifted the Ithemba Woman of Hope Retreat in prayer this past weekend. We had such a wonderful time, and I am so grateful to all who prayed for us, and for those here in Jeffrey’s Bay who helped with mattresses, food preparation, decoration, and other logistics.

The night before the retreat, I became very sick and ended up spending almost the whole day leading up to the retreat weak and in bed. Just hours before the ladies were to arrive, I was wondering if I would even be able to make it. But PRAISE the LORD for His strength and grace and perseverance, I was able to attend and even dance with the ladies in praise Friday night!

The weekend was full of such special memories and ministry by the Lord. We had 3 ladies from Cape Town who came to lead us in worship, to minister through translation (we had both English and Xhosa speakers amongst us), and to share their stories. My friend and mentor, Kalyn (Mamasita), joined me in sharing teachings from the Word on how to remain strong and steadfast in the storms of life. Friday night was made memorable by true female bonding and laughter with massages, nail polish, ice cream and hot chocolate. Saturday morning we started early with a reflective prayer walk centered on the Lord’s Prayer…..considering the Names of God, praying for salvation and healing for people in our lives, partaking of communion together, nailing issues of unforgiveness to the Cross, being encouraged to stand in the armor of God, and rejoicing together in the Lord. We shared wonderful meals together, physically and spiritually, throughout the weekend. The retreat ended with testimonies and laying stones to build an altar of thanksgiving.

THANK YOU again to each of you who upheld us in prayer and supported us with your practical contributions. And GLORY to the Lord Jesus for His precious ministry to each of our hearts throughout the retreat. Please pray that He will continue to speak to and strengthen each of the ladies who attended.

With much love and a grateful heart,

Michele Mwanza”


Prayer Request – November 12, 2015 

“Hello, dear Family and Friends!

b5ffd1fe-2f47-457b-a50f-95dd68a48c36This weekend, Friday night the 13th and all day Saturday the 14th, we are having our first ever Women of Hope retreat for the ladies of Ithemba Family Church. We are expecting almost 40 women to attend!  This has been a dream for about 3 years, so it is truly a special event! Our overall theme at Ithemba is “Deep Calls Deep,” as we seek to draw people ever deeper in their walks with Jesus. With this in mind, our theme for the retreat is “In the Midst of the Storm.” So many times we are excited about God until a major storm hits our life; then our faith is shaken and we are even sometimes tempted to withdraw from the Body of Christ and to turn from God Himself. The goal of our retreat is to remind us that it is in the storms of life that we need our roots to go down deep so that we won’t be shaken.

Please pray with us for a mighty movement in the hearts and lives of the women who will attend this weekend.  Pray for our times of laughter and fun, for the testimonies of our guest speakers, for the messages, for a special prayer walk we will embark on, and for the entire atmosphere…that the Holy Spirit will have complete freedom to move in each and every heart. Please pray that nothing will keep any woman from being there. And pray that even the little babies who must attend with their mommies will be peaceful and allow the Lord to move in the hearts of these precious mamas.

Thank you for standing with us in prayer for this very important event!

With thankfulness and anticipation,

The Mwanzas”


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