January 2018 Update on the “Moon”

The year 2016 was the year of Evan’s brain cancer diagnosis and surgery. The year 2017 was the year of Evan’s dad being diagnosed and treated for thyroid cancer. We are declaring 2018 as the year of continued healing and recovery.

Evan’s December MRI showed “no change” from the October MRI which is wonderful news because the October report was “stable and decreased”. The cancer area is visible as just a small scar tissue area. His doctors and therapists are very pleased with his progress and he will continue surveillance MRI testing every two months through this June.

Evan has improved from being unable to speak to talking “without end” (he loves to talk) and only mild aphasia. When he cannot recover a word from his memory, he gives great clues about the word. Those around him join in trying to guess the word and many times Evan will suddenly be able to remember it on his own. We are learning that the brain is an amazing creation as we see Evan’s “rewire” itself and build new pathways. He has improved from complete paralysis on the left side to a wheelchair, then to a walker, then to a cane, and now a walking stick! Each step he takes using his left leg is a step of faith since he still cannot feel his left side. He gets up each day and begins walking on faith just as the paralytic in Mark 2:12. The left arm still does not function but he can feel cold with his hand and works daily to regain controlled movement with his arm.

Once again we thank the Emory Hospital therapists in occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy for all their hard work and encouragement. They have been amazing. It is with true sadness that Evan is no longer in their care because of insurance changes.

Evan’s dad’s December ultrasound and blood test results were also very good and he has healed well from his surgery. He has not regained volume so he speaks in a loud whisper. We are grateful for the good results and perhaps the volume will improve. He will also be on surveillance every two months.

Evan is now participating in water therapy and home therapy for his left leg and arm. He is excited that his wish list has become a reality with a trip to Chicago to see a dear friend and family. It was out of his comfort zone as he and his mom navigated through the airport and security (we had to use a wheelchair because the distance was more than he can walk) but God was with him and the trip was a great success! The visit was amazing and such a blessing and so relaxing. The family graciously shared their home and meals and time. Evan looks forward to the next visit (in warmer weather) and the next trip on his wish list.

Evan enjoys Star Wars movies and with the help of friends, he has seen the new movie 5 times! Thank you to his friends that blessed him with their time and tickets. His love of Legos has been a big part of his therapy and it has been wonderful to have friends and family help with the “Lego fund.”  And thank you to his brother and godparents who continue to help with necessities. He is grateful for the visits from friends who travel from near and far to show their love for him.

Please continue to pray as Evan’s new insurance begins with many changes. He is blessed that he will be able to continue with appointments and treatment from his Emory doctors. Pray that his needs will be met and his medicines will be covered. He is blessed to have found an insurance policy.

As Evan moves into 2018, his desire is to become stronger and minister to others. His willingness to help others has never diminished and Christmas Eve he and his father, using a tow strap and truck, helped a man whose car was completely stranded in mud. Evan was so full of joy that he was able to help and said it was the best Christmas present that Jesus could give him. There are days of concern and exhaustion, but he remains focused on blessing someone daily in some way. God works through him in small and amazing ways. Thank you everyone for helping make that possible with prayer and support.

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