LXP Lesotho Hosts Beats and Books from LXP South Africa

“You want to read this God-story… Earlier this year we clearly heard the Lord opening up places for us to take our kids out of Jeffrey’s Bay to experience travel and how Jesus can be trusted to meet our needs as we head out on an adventure of faith.

We thought it was going to be Europe, but we ended up sending only Prima to Germany and The Netherlands. Then Godfrey, the Director of LXP Lesotho, called me one night presenting a possible music camp in Butha Buthe – Lesotho. We were already geared up for that. More than anything, Godfrey’s call was a confirmation for us that we needed to go. We rallied our kid’s parents and presented the opportunity for their children to join us on this epic pioneering trip. Fast forward, we ended up with two local leaders and three kids embarking on their first ever voyage outside South Africa.

It could only be Jesus backing us up otherwise we wouldn’t have managed to go. We received some of the most crucial documents the very morning we were leaving. Then at the Lesotho border our driver was put in a jail cell for apparently not having the Cross Border Permit. We didn’t have to have the permit, but there is so much corruption at that border so the Police hoped we would eventually bribe them, but alas. We waited in frigid weather for almost three hours until he was released around 1:30AM.

We got to our destination and only went to bed past 2AM and then woke up in no time for the camp. I thought the kids we went with would be so exhausted that they would not want to wake up, but I was amazed at how amused they were. They saw snow (yes we have snow in Africa, and this one came after winter!) for the first time and they could not contain themselves.

Up and off we went to the camp. Evidently, there was so much love shared from both sides. The Lesotho crew was dearly warm to us all. By the end of the camp, we saw new friendships emerge, freedom found in Christ, miraculous healings and cultic bondage’s broken. It was a ground-breaking camp indeed and we saw the Holy Spirit at work. The children prayed fervently for themselves, for each other, and for their families. It was beautiful to witness.

As we traveled back home we felt the deep expression of community without borders. We were reminded that we are one in Christ and this trip was timely to encourage our friends Godfrey and Elizabeth plus their team. We hope to make this an annual trip and we look forward to seeing some Lesotho kids’ faces in Jeffrey’s Bay starting 2019.”

– Cornelius Ngosa

**In case you did not know, we are both ministry partners of Grace Klein Community and are thankful for the unity we share in Christ.


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