Missionary Juan Barrientos of Peru Visits Grace Klein Community’s Monday Prayer Night

On Monday February 22, one of World Reach’s missionaries, Juan Barrientos had the exciting opportunity to join a Grace Klein Community Prayer Night. Juan is World Reach’s Latin American Field Director, pastors La Roca Church in Jose Galvez, Peru, and also runs La Roca Christian School and plays a key role in establishing Mobile Bible Institutes, primarily in Latin America. Juan was in the United States to attend and teach at Liberty University Global Focus Week when he was offered the invitation to the prayer night. This is the third time a World Reach missionary has had the opportunity to share their story with Grace Klein Community members at prayer night. The Fleming family from Albania and the Simpson family who are global missionaries have also joined in past meetings to share and enjoy new friendships with brothers and sisters in Christ.

The evening started with dinner and fellowship, where Juan had the opportunity to meet so many fellow believers, and hear their stories. The time was very relaxed, and the group was very welcoming. Our dinner was followed by a time of worship, all of us singing various worship songs together, led by a South African musician and missionary. Then Juan shared his story, telling of his life in a household with 22 brothers and sisters, his time as a security guard, his heritage and how God used all of it to lead him to his calling to ministry from his life in Curacao to becoming a missionary in Jose Galvez, Peru. Everyone at the prayer night was very attentive and asked many questions, and even at the end, after learning Juan was a musician, they asked for him to lead in worship. Juan took the guitar and led prayer night in a hymn, singing in both Spanish and English. Finally, the night was ended with a prayer and a group picture, followed by delightful conversations and introductions. As Juan left to return to his ministry in Peru, he felt truly blessed by the experience, and thankful for meeting his new friends in Grace Klein Community.

Juan Visit

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