Momentum Statistics

Sometimes when we take a break to remember where we came from, we realize where we are going. As we prepared for a Board meeting, we came across some incredible stats that everyone should know.

The comparisons below will be the full 2017 statistics versus January-July 2018:

  • 12 serve days to 30 serve days
  • 1,659 Acts 4:32 members to 2,430 Acts 4:32 members
  • 3,454 Facebook followers to 3,830 Facebook followers
  • 810 Instagram followers to 932 Instagram followers
  • 306 Twitter followers to 308 Twitter followers
  • 463 Individual donors to 266 Individual donors
  • 74 Business and Church Financial Partners to 40 Business and Church Financial Partners
  • 15 Assistance Programs to 18 Assistance Programs
  • 5,902 individuals received food each month through daily trade market/food delivery to 9,405 individuals are currently receiving food each month through daily trade market/food delivery
  • 8 committed food donors to 14 committed food donors

Thank you for being a vital member of Grace Klein Community. With only four paid staff members, the obvious shout out, who made all these results possible, is Jesus and the army of volunteers who are His hands and feet. Of course, we all know the Jesus in our staff is rocking it too!! All to Jesus!!! Whoop whoop. Happy dance.

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