Nelson Adoption Update


Ben and Cassidy Nelson

We are the Nelsons. We have been married for almost 6 years. We started a ministry called Pray Love Unite which has blessed us with the opportunity to lead 2 great mission projects including Mission Bulgaria and The Garage Giveaway. We have been leading teams on short term mission trip to Bulgaria for 5 years. Every year we spend a portion of our time volunteering in the orphanages. On the second year we spent time in the orphanage we felt that all so familiar tug on our hearts that it was time. Time to start our adoption process. We knew since we started dating that adoption would be a part of our family plan but we were certainly shocked that it would be how God would have us grow our family first. As an act giving of our first fruits in obedience we have answered His calling and are adopting before we have biological children. After 2 1/2 years of waiting we were matched with our son, Kye! We have loved him since we first laid eyes on his picture in July and now, 5 months later we are preparing to meet him! There have been numerous changes in the Korea program since we began including the costly addition of requiring 2 trips. We would be forever grateful for your support to help fund the unexpected expenses of a 2nd trip.

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