Our friend Stanley – Namibia

February 2nd, 2015, Stanley Kotze, a worship leader from Namibia, came to surprise a brother of Grace Klein Community. Scott Johnson and his family have served as missionaries in Namibia for several years and had to return to the United States unexpectedly due to an unforeseen circumstance. God opened the door for Stanley to surprise Scott for his birthday and through that blessing, Stanley was able to lead two prayer nights and a worship gathering for Grace Klein Community. Two years ago, Stanley was able to lead a worship gathering with Grace Klein Community, so it was such a delight to have him back with us.

Please pray for his oldest daughter, as shortly after his return to Namibia, she was kicked in the femur by a horse and has required a subsequent emergency surgery. Also, pray for Stanley and his family as they continue to build community through house church gatherings in their home country.  











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