Single Mom Connect

A dear friend and member of ministry partner, Church of the Highlands – Grandview, Kelly Williams, felt the Lord impress on her heart to love on Birmingham Single Mamas. Having been in the position herself, Kelly deeply connects with mamas walking through difficult decisions and financial struggles as they journey through their season of single parenthood. On July 14, 2018, Church of the Highlands, Grandview Campus will be hosting a…Keep Reading

The “Moon” Rides Again

“Hello to all of Evan’s friends, family, supporters, and prayer warriors. Evan has been really busy with doctor appointments, rehabilitation work outs, visiting family and friends, and getting back on a cycle…a three wheel cycle! He has missed riding with friends from Redemptive Cycle, so with their help one of his wish list items has been accomplished. He now rides a reclinear Sunseeker Tadpole three wheel cycle with personalized settings…Keep Reading

Networking for a Cause

On June 26, 2018, Grace Klein Community held our quarterly Networking for a Cause event at Dreamland BBQ. Dreamland graciously hosted over 200 local business and ministry representatives, as well as friends and family of Grace Klein Community. Dreamland also generously provided complimentary appetizers for the event. A special thanks to Richard Uzzle, the management team and serving staff for amazing attention to detail and volunteer service! Our very own,…Keep Reading

We Struck Oil

The Acts 4:32 share group on Facebook is one of the simplest and most effective ways that the Grace Klein Community is able to see God work in immediate tangible ways right here in Birmingham, AL. The group is designed to be interconnected with a constant movement of giving and taking. If you know someone in the group, they can invite you in, and once you are in you can…Keep Reading

Quietness and Trust

A Grace Klein Community lady spent a portion of her childhood in a Ukrainian orphanage before being adopted by an American family. She always kept close with her Ukrainian family and was asked by the director to host one of her grown orphanage sisters in the United States. Of course she said YES and community friends shared, even a bed, to prepare for Ann’s arrival. Ann Pasechnyk arrived in May…Keep Reading


As Grace Klein Community continues to grow, so does our dire need for helping hands around the office. As summer approached, we felt the Lord tell us to simply “ask.” Our theme for June and July is “Summer Serve,” encouraging folks to reach out to serve alongside us with the extra hours they might have to share over the summer. “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and…Keep Reading

Quiet Obedience

A humble and quiet mama of a bunch of littles contacted Grace Klein Community about committing to serve regularly with their family. They all wanted to come, even the daddy, and could they come on Friday afternoons. You are kidding, right?? Everyone tries to sneak out on Friday afternoons and you want to come? And you would love to come clean and tidy the loose ends? Yes, absolutely yes. Please…Keep Reading

We Love Brookville Elementary

Every Friday morning for the past year, Darrien and Ashanti Dill come to the Grace Klein Community office and pick up food for 28 children of Brookville Elementary Back Pack Buddies Program. Darrien and Ashanti know firsthand what going hungry feels like. Darrien had just finished law school and was in an accident involving an 18-wheeler. He was in and out of the hospital for 3 years. After his recovery…Keep Reading

Is Networking Effective?

Some of you may wonder, “Do networking events really work?” And, “What’s in it for me, besides free door prizes, bidding on amazing silent auction items, hearing Birmingham’s upcoming new artists live, and visiting with the Grace Klein Community?!! I’m glad you asked! A few of our recent networking stories… Shannon Shriver, Sales Director with OneSouth Financial Group, in Birmingham, attended a Networking for A Cause event and met Torie…Keep Reading

Be All In. Be All There.

“Wherever you are. Be all there.” – Jim Elliott A few years ago I took a trip to Zambia and I couldn’t ever seem to get all there. Physically I was there. Spiritually, mentally, emotionally I was anywhere and everywhere except for where God had called me. Usually the things that keep me from being fully present is work, insecurities in my abilities and giftings, and missing my sweet Jen…Keep Reading

Bold Vulnerability

Grace Klein Community creates many different intentional gatherings to provide opportunities for members to laugh, grow, serve, pray, and worship together. Our events give opportunities for members to live life together. A special favorite, ladies nights! A time for women of all ages to let go, laugh a little, cry a lot, and just be free to share their hearts without the sense of judgement from the world. The Lord…Keep Reading

5 Loaves and 2 Fish

At the beginning of April, two serve days were on the calendar. Two. Perhaps we thought we would not have sufficient help for the month ahead… God had other plans. As each day of April unfolded, so did the surprise calls of news that more churches and schools wanted to get involved with various Grace Klein Community serve projects. With all that God continues to bring our way, a serve…Keep Reading

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