Scrundlewear Love Around the World

In November 2016, community friend, Linda Jacobson created a group on Facebook called “Scrundlewear Love Around the World.” The group is intended to provide a place for anyone interested in sewing Scrundlewear (undies) for various ministries all around the world to gather, share testimonies, offer help or ask questions. Linda encourages others to get involved by hosting sewing days and welcomes anyone to join the day of “play.” Excitement rises in Linda’s heart when friends are bitten by the t-shirt up-cycling bug! Many are inspired by her ministry efforts to love on people around the world through her God-giving abilities, moving others to do the same. Her passion motivates both young and old to attempt projects they’ve never tried before, realizing and developing their giftings in the learning process. Linda is patient and beautifully details each step for the less experienced via social media posts and videos, making everyone feel like they can conquer any work in progress.

Linda’s enthusiasm for sewing with purpose is contagious. Check out this awesome testimony from a friend inspired by Linda’s efforts:

“After the last devastating event that left Haiti reeling and with so much suffering, it literally broke my heart and I wanted to help… what to do? Late one evening before retiring for the day, I saw a post by a friend Linda Jacobson about her making underwear from t-shirts. That’s what I can do…!!! Thank you my friend, who is so very creative and who is always looking out for the well-being of others, for the opportunity to satisfy a personal desire to Haiti…125 pair of Scrundies…” – M Vivian Nelson

Linda’s days are filled with family, friends, grandkiddos and scrundlewear, finding joy in all things. She doesn’t let the busyness get her down, she has eyes to see every opportunity as a time for making memories. Who knew creating new items from discards could be so addicting!?

Posts are constantly shared on the Facebook group of items various ladies have created, inspiring the next person to do the same. Another friend recently posted: “20 bags, 20 pair underwear, 160 washable menstrual pads for the ladies and 7 baby blankets headed to Four Corners in Uganda this Thursday. Underwear and pads from upcycled tshirts.” – Debbie Schmidt

One can almost see her large grin behind her screen as she shares testimony online of others sewing with purpose.

One of Linda’s latest projects is t-shirt dresses for little girls in Haiti. She’s constantly thinking of ways to improve the efficiency of creating these pieces and sharing them with others.

T-shirts are donated from the Grace Klein Community Give and Take room for Linda to use in ministry and often piles of old t-shirts and material randomly appear on Linda’s front porch. Her response: “God is so funny!” The joy that bursts out of her heart in contagious. Others see trash, she sees treasure! If you’ve given to the Grace Klein Community Give and Take Room, likely some of your items have been up-cycled into scrundlewear and today are worn by cute little munchkins across the ocean.

Linda can talk to anyone and her craftiness comes out in all conversations. Her treasure creations extend far beyond scrundlewear and little dresses. Her craftiness is ministry, teaching others to quilt/sew, making quilts for NICU, foster and adopted children, children of domestic violence, Brother Bryan Missions and to be sent overseas for bereavement blankies for little ones who have died in Africa.

Linda learned to sew from her mama. A bittersweet moment… Linda’s mom helped pair pockets to specially designed shorts for boys at Real Hope for Haiti Hospice Center, one week before her mom went to be with Jesus this year.

What a legacy her mama has left behind! Linda’s mama’s investment in her life caused a butterfly effect impacting various towns, cities, countries and continents. If we all realize the impact we have on nations by sharing in our giftings, teaching simple concepts that grow into huge projects for Kingdom purpose, and embracing our God given abilities for His glory, how much more time would we spend investing in the lives of others, more than ourselves?

In and amongst the busyness of loving on the world around her, Linda has served onsite in Guatemala through Grace Klein Community and helped move food boxes from the office to Asbury United Methodist Church, for many years, to care for many she would never meet.

She recently returned from a trip to California to assist her daughter and her daughters husband currently receiving treatment for Leukemia. Linda teaches the concept of “others first” in her day-to-day activities. She is selfless with her time and resources. She may never realize the extent of her impact on the world, but today, if you see Linda, love on her and thank her, on behalf of the many little ones she loves on through scrundlewear, dresses, and quilts. We are better together with Linda!



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