“She Speaks”

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“She speaks.”

A vague whisper that I heard in my Spirit as I unpacked the boxes from Africa. One by one I unwrapped the precious collection of items made by the women of South Africa. Items that I was supposed to set up and sell in a “Pop-up” store to benefit one of our global partners, Kwathu Children’s Home in Livingstone, Zambia. I was instantly fascinated. Throws of bright colors on fabrics, exquisitely made purses and bright trendy headbands had my attention, but the women behind them had my curiosity.

“She speaks.”

I heard it again. As I looked at the uniquely designed, hand-made journals crafted from different pages of magazines, books and scriptures, I realized that these women, thousands of miles away, had the same likes, loves and heart cries as I do. Broken hearts, broken women, broken lives that use the seemingly ordinary and mundane to create something beautiful to bless others with through their pain.

And oh, what a blessing it is.

Not only are the products handcrafted with love, but they are fabulously unique and indicative of a country rich with diversity and profound heritage. Aside from that and the beauty it brings, the mission behind the purpose is what captivates my heart. Every purchase of one of these fantastic items, goes to help fund the Kwathu Children’s Home. You see, part of that profound heritage includes a nation that left many children as orphans due to the many casualties of war, poverty and disease. These children that were labeled as society as orphans, have finally found a place that they can call home. That blesses my heart more than you can imagine. It’s a bucket list place that I am determined to see for reasons I keep close to my heart.

So, until I can cross the borders and visit Africa myself, I carry a piece of a woman’s voice in my tribal cross-body bag that contains my wild new journal affectionately emblazoned with the words “Things I can’t say out loud” hoping that one day I can hear her voice in person and hug a precious child’s neck that needs a hug as much as I do.

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