Twatasha – Thank You!

“Uwushitasha paka nono, napafikulu takatashe”~ Bemba proverb translated as “ he who fails to show gratitude for the little, fails to show gratitude even when much is given.”

To say that we’ve been in Birmingham the last 5 1/2 weeks (6 weeks by the time we leave this Saturday) seems so surreal.But that’s precisely how quickly time races by. This has been a unique visit on many levels. We love being here and by now, it might go without say that we’ve surely been blessed with people who have become family living on the ‘other side of the ocean.’ For several weeks, this visit was a desire, that transformed into prayer and eventually became a sweet reality. It was wrapped up in an unexpected gift from a wonderful generous couple who covered our round-trip travel costs from South Africa to the US.

Their generosity has allowed us to leave Beats and Books in the capable hands of reliable leadership to witness the momentous wedding of beloved friends in DC the first week we arrived in the US. In the midst of wedding celebrations we had the privilege of a few days reunion with two of our remarkable African brothers and their families who reside here in America.

Our DC host family let us go away to their family cottage by the river banks to have some much needed rest, relaxation and transition for 3 days. It was a sweet time of solitude and fun for our family. We then made our way down South to sweet tea and cornbread Alabama where we’ve had a mix of a mini-sabbatical, serving days and connecting with our friends as well as ministry partners of Beats and Books.

On an average day, while doing as much admin or other behind the scenes work related to Beats and Books, we heard many testimonies of answered prayer. We lived through countless stories of God’s provision for many families and individuals connected to Grace Klein. We ourselves have been tremendously blessed with daily needs throughout our stay here. Every time we ate ‘rescued food’ or were invited over for a meal, we couldn’t help but translate it to another gift given. If we were back home in Jeffrey’s Bay South Africa, those meals would be part of our monthly budget (which also consists of faithful giving from someone reading this.)

When we arrived here we were immediately blessed with a friend’s car to use and then another car was given to use for our entire stay. Did I mention that they came with full tanks of gas? I mean, these can easily be overlooked as just a ‘nice gesture’ or ‘small tokens,’ but it’s not a given. These are very significant ways in which our family saw the hand of the Lord giving us more than what we needed to survive.

We had opportunities to worship and fellowship together every Monday night. The GKC community house was a highlight as it not only became the place we led Monday Night Worship, but the five men who live there shared their living space so that we could also call it home for the past five weeks.

I loved seeing Cornelius and I get to share some of our Spiritual Gifts with various people. We treasured connecting with friends and families who have faithfully supported us over the years. A highlight was the pockets of one-on-one meetings with people or some sweet time catching up and praying with friends. We also met a few new people on this visit whose characters challenged us to live more Christ-like, to love more intentionally and to be more positive. We are spurred on.

We had our first ever American Thanksgiving! What an experience!! So much grander than the glimpses we’ve had with a few of our American friends serving as missionaries in Africa. In the last few weeks my little boy switched from calling me ‘Mama’ to ‘Mummy.’ And he has had a vast number of exciting experiences that I’m so thankful for. As a pregnant Mom of a toddler I’ve treasured the few naps I’ve taken with Liron while Cornelius drove us to an appointment somewhere. What a privilege to be on the ground to pray for people Stateside. Oh! How I have loved ministering to and praying for several people, needs for this community, for families, businesses… for this Nation! I count that a huge blessing.

Being Global Partners of Grace Klein goes beyond the numerous material, financial, spiritual support and covering we have collectively received over the years. For us, being a global partner signifies that we get to be brothers’ keepers, kindred spirits, and also exchange the benefits of ‘belonging’ even though we are planted in another ‘base’.

We extend the hospitality you have shown us back to you. Our home is your home. We will share our lives and the Lord’s goodness with you. You have an open invitation. You are welcome. Come and belong. That’s what we feel. That we belong. So as we would say in our language – twatasha. Thank you. Thank you everyone who made time during a busy season to see us and hear our stories for the first time or reconnect after a while.

There are obviously many dear friends and support families within Birmingham and all over the US that we didn’t get to see on this visit. We wish we could get to everyone. However, we are leaving with our hearts filled with gratitude for all your prayers and support wherever you are in the circle. You are part and parcel of the success of what we have been called to do. Thank you for being willing to accommodate, include and receive us into your part of the tapestry of God’s Kingdom. Our encouragement and prayer is that you will continue to be aware of the Lord’s presence as you run the race with love, endurance, joy and unity in the Spirit.

His Peace, Grace, Blessings and Love,

Prima, Cornelius, Liron & Baby on the way


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