“Who You Gonna Call?”

“Brian and Larissa Baker are a vital part of Grace Klein Community, sharing community passion for food rescue and minimal waste. The Bakers lead very busy lives, balancing work, school and running a farm, but never miss an opportunity to turn another’s trash into a true treasure. Their efforts do not go unnoticed.

If you’ve been around the Grace Klein Community office in the afternoons and have helped unload the box truck and sort the good food from the bad, you’ve noticed the food in some nifty 5 gallon buckets. The buckets are there one day, and gone the next. Where do they go?

Brian shows up once a week with his truck, loads all food, not suitable for human consumption, and hauls it off to the farm for their pigs and chickens. The food is such a treat to these animals, and the removal of the buckets from our office is wonderful! Who knew that our “bucket food” would be such a blessing, freeing up finances to invest elsewhere for Kingdom purpose?!

Before the Bakers and another volunteer, Dave Hall, we had quite a compost struggle! We ran out of space in our compost bin. Often spoiled food would be left in boxes in the driveway as we patiently waited for the dump trailer to arrive.

Animals and rain would do their part in creating a mess all over the driveway, and community members would stare at the pile the following morning and fight back the tears before diving into cleaning mode. The road to a cleaner driveway has been a learning process.

Something felt so wrong about throwing away the food that animals could eat – think wilted lettuce and soft apples.  Also, we understand how God uses worms to turn decaying food into dirt to help gardens thrive.  How could we send even one bucket to the landfill as that felt so dishonoring to God to waste His provision.  We sought out farmers who raise animals and grow massive gardens.  We needed a partnership that would honor God by eliminating the waste.  (Also, not going to the landfill saves needed money for other purposes.)

Some days we will still be covered in spoiled food and smell nasty, but together we are working through the kinks and honoring Christ by creatively maximizing our resources.  We are on the road to winning the compost war!

The Bakers faithfully make us better as they serve each week in collecting the “bucket food” from the office driveway.  They even showed up one Sunday to help supervise students as they spent the afternoon serving at the Grace Klein office.

“Who you gonna call??” We know who we’re gonna call!  These “compost busters” are a HUGE part of Grace Klein Community.”

– Amaris Joy, Volunteer Coordinator

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