Why GKC Matters To Me

God will supply all your needs

“Every person wants to know they are loved and that they matter. Grace Klein Community strives to live out community as a verb, providing people a forum to share what they have so everyone has what they need. Different ways to share are as unique as all of the different people who are part of a healthy community… we can give and take time, resources, money, talents, encouragement, knowledge, work, listening, and on and on.”

READ testimonies of how Grace Klein Community impacts the hearts of many from various walks of life.
Ever Be“My name is Tracey Ellis and the mention of Grace Klein Community warms my heart and brings me joy. I became acquainted by mere accident in my community of Tom Brown just by taking out trash. Guys were giving food and clothing, and being in need, I humbly went and got blessed. And the rest, as they say, is history. The blessing of it all is not the materialistic things I needed but the non-judgmental love and respect. The Tabor Family will always be my spiritual family. They were there when I was about to lose it all. God brought me through victoriously!! Prayer, heartfelt newsletters, and selfless love Grace Klein Community orchestrates with its members, catapulted me to try and live better and be a cheerful giver no matter if I’m low income or not. God continues to bless me through this wonderful church. 7 years later, and the Allen family is still standing in the gap. I would just like to say thanks for it all, for teaching me and my family God is love and He is everywhere….especially with Grace Klein Community. HEARTFELT, EMOTIONAL THANK YOU!!!”

“I was introduced to Grace Klein Community by a friend of a friend. I’m a single mom of 2 girls. I work and get paid once a month. Usually somewhere around the end of the second week, I fall short of money and short of food. Grace Klein Community is such a blessing to us. Grace Klein Community fills the gap and helps us to make it more comfortably to the next pay check. There are many many people in similar positions and I’ve been able to share with some that I know. They are always excited when I’m able to share and help fill their gap as well. God has never failed me and when I found Grace Klein Community, I knew it was Him providing yet again. Thank you Jesus for everyone at Grace Klein Community. What an awesome ministry and praise God so many families like mine are blessed.”

“I wanted to share how I stumbled upon the Grace Klein Community. Two job losses in one year resulted in the power being disconnected after several months of savings running out. I called a friend in ministry who unbeknownst to me was familiar with a community called Grace Klein Community. The power was restored and paid in full through the love of GKC members!

James 1:17A few months later I was invited to come and get food from their office. I couldn’t believe it, more giving! I entered the address into the GPS and made my way to the facility. I was stunned when I pulled up. There were boxes of food everywhere! When I got inside, staff and volunteers were directing me where to gather my food to take home. This was the day before Christmas Eve, if I recall, and the volunteers were urging me to take as much as I would use because they were going to be closing for a week for the holidays. As a gentleman opened a refrigerator to show me milk, I was stunned at the amount of food that was left over after others had received. The office staff were literally cleaning up to close for a week! How was this much food still here for me to partake in as well? I felt as I were first in line, not last. When the gentleman opened the fridge, the Lord spoke clearly to me and said “I want you to quit praying that I will meet your needs. I want you to pray that you will have abundance so that you can give.”

I was blown away. I am a frugal, practical person. I wear sweats, buy everything second hand, don’t have cable. It never occurred to me to pray for extra, because I didn’t need extra, yet this is exactly what God laid on my heart the moment the GKC gentleman opened that fridge. The crazy thing was, the extra wasn’t for ME, it was for those in need AROUND me. Despite being a Christian for 30 years, I realized that I was the one putting something in a box, and that was God. I was actually limiting my Savior and thinking of my things as my things!  As my eyes welled up with tears and I tried to continue my conversation with the staff and volunteers at GKC, I made note of what God had so boldly spoken to my heart, “I want you to quit praying that I will meet your needs. I want you to pray that you will have abundance so that you can give.” Yes Lord, I will do this. I will trust you, I will ask for abundance for those AROUND me! Thanking the Lord for His wisdom, that His ways are not our ways, and spiritual eyes to see spiritual things.”


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