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Lesibovu CarePoint Update 2020

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For nearly 9 years, Grace Klein Community has partnered with Children’s HopeChest and the Swazi staff of Adventures in Missions, to be a small part of the incredible work God is doing in the country of Eswatini (formerly Swaziland,) Africa. Eswatini is a mountainous, landlocked country and is Africa’s last remaining absolute monarchy. If you don’t know much about this tiny country that is the geographic size of Birmingham Alabama, here are some facts:

  • 63% of the Swazi people live below the national poverty line
  • average life expectancy is 57 years of age
  • 27% of the population has tested positive for HIV/AIDS

The seriousness of these numbers can seem overwhelming to our human understanding. However, they only tell part of the picture. Let us share the great news, the Gospel being lived out in this lovely country through servants who freely give of their time and hearts on a daily basis!

  • A sewing room, storage building, kitchen and huge playground have been added to Lesibovu property.
  • Children in need are receiving financial help so they can afford uniforms, fees, and supplies required for attending preschool/public school in their communities
  • Those children who have lost loved ones receive grief counseling through the staff-written curriculum Ngesikhatsi
  • Healthy meals, medical care and health screenings are available through the ministry of the CarePoint

Labiligugu (treasured ones) is a much-needed ministry begun recently to reach out to provide support to the families of children with disabilities both practically and holistically including home visits, transportation to therapy, and skill training for child development.

Sports for Christ, begun by a Swazi AIM staff member Xolane, has given Lesibovu’s boys’ soccer team an opportunity to compete against other CarePoints. The team has won the competition twice, which is a wonderful source of joy for these guys who need to feel pride in their God-given physical strength, and unity as a team.

The African Harmony Choir is made of beautiful voices sharing a love for their heritage and God in song. Londiwe, the gifted AIM staffer who began the choir, visited with us in July, sharing of this ministry and the opportunity it provides to children of Lesibovu and other CarePoints. We are so grateful for her investment into their lives and the way they bring honor to the name of Jesus.

As you can see, the CarePoint continues to be a place of joy, discipleship and growth. We are thrilled to visit again and encourage the staff who pour so selflessly into the lives of those in their community, and to remind the children of Lesibovu that they have friends who pray for them as they pray for us, as part of the same Body, just on the other side of the world.

Attached photos show the playground, Pastor Welcome with his wife Londiwe, and baby girl Notsile, and the Zwane children who are all regular attenders at Lesibovu.

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