2018 Year End Review

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Here is our latest report:

  1. Flood relief work: an opportunity to build up relationships in the community

August 15th, we were hit by floods and the entire state was affected as many many dams were opened. 450 people died along with huge loss of physical property . From our church and from our ministry we reached out and served three colonies named Pathalam, Donbosco and Vattekunnam. In these colonies we provided basic groceries , clothing and kitchenware. After flood relief work, we visited these colonies many times and the reconstruction of houses is still happening in Pathalam colony. We continue to check on 6 families in Donbosco colony. 

We thank all the sponsors and donors who contributed for this cause and became part of the relief work. Without all of your support we could have not done this work!

2. Teens Mentoring

Our responsibility is to conduct teens meeting every Saturday. Games, encouragement and fellowship are included in our time. We also have taken them to visit poverty stricken colonies to expose them to a different life than their own. They also actively engaged in flood relief work. We also take them to visit old age homes and orphanages. In addition, we care for them individually, assist in their education challenges and mentor them through personal problems and struggles. We are raising future leaders.


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