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Aguinagas In America

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Meet the Aguinaga family – a hardworking, dedicated, and loving family with a dream of continuing their life in the United States.

David, a skilled industrial designer with over 5 years of experience in mechanical design, is currently pursuing his master’s degree in engineering at UAB, with an expected graduation in Spring 2024. He is not only an excellent student with a perfect A-grade record but also a responsible and committed professional in a large-sized American company.

Michelle, the heart of their family, is a devoted homemaker who finds joy in volunteering with Grace Klein Community in Birmingham, Alabama. Sophie, their talented 6th-grade daughter, excels in academics and plays the French horn in her school’s band. In addition, she devotes her time to dance classes and enjoys volunteering during her holidays, offering prayers for those in need with Grace Klein and participating in VBS.

Khaleb, their cheerful 4th-grade son, has a deep fascination with dinosaurs and a profound faith in God, which he discovered since their move to the USA. The Aguinaga family’s deepest desire is to continue living in this beautiful country, and they need your support to make this dream a reality.

Their journey began when David left Mexico in October 2020 with the hope of providing a better future for his family. Little did he know that the farewell at the airport would be the last time he would see several family members. With a work visa in hand, he arrived in Valley, Alabama, ready to start his job. However, when he received his first paycheck, he realized that the salary, conditions, and working hours were not as promised. Meanwhile, Michelle and their children remained in Mexico, awaiting their dependent economic visas to live legally in the United States.

David chose not to share the challenging situation with his family, except for his mother, who heard how he suffered, working 12-hour shifts as a laborer in a factory, with barely enough money to survive. Finally, on December 25, 2020, Michelle and the children reunited with David, carrying their entire lives in three suitcases. However, it was not the joyful reunion they had imagined. David’s mother had fallen ill with COVID and couldn’t bid them farewell at the airport this time.

Upon their arrival, Michelle noticed David’s deteriorating health. He looked terrible, like a zombie, and that’s when she learned the true extent of the harsh working conditions he had endured for almost three months. But the worst was yet to come. On January 7, despite all medical efforts and a week in the hospital, David’s mother passed away due to COVID complications. This dream not only took a toll on David’s health but also robbed him of the opportunity to spend the last months of his mother’s life together. His remaining 12 hours each day were spent on sleeping, eating, laundry, and commuting to work.

The last conversation Michelle and the children had with David’s mother was on December 24, wishing her a Merry Christmas. She asked Michelle to send a photo of them all together when they reunited with David, and Michelle did so. However, David’s mother never got to see that photo because by then, she was already in the hospital.

This grueling journey was further compounded a week later by the death of David’s aunt and the death of his uncle the following month, both of whom were his closest relatives. The grief seemed endless for a family that had left everything behind for a dream. With the little strength he had left, David decided to apply for a new job, and fortunately, an opportunity came quickly in a large company in Birmingham, Alabama, where he still works today.

Challenges persist for this family as they have to renew their visas every four years, facing long waiting times for appointments, high costs associated with traveling to Mexico for the process, and the risk of visa renewal denial due to changes in immigration laws.

The Aguinaga family has faced unimaginable challenges, but their resilience and determination are truly inspiring. Your donation will directly support their journey towards securing a future in the country they hold dear and where their loved God’s family is now, allowing them to continue their valuable contributions to the American workforce and their local community serving God.

Your support, regardless of its size, will be deeply appreciated and will leave a lasting imprint on the lives of this remarkable family right here in the United States. Join us today and become an integral part of their inspiring journey!

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