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Always Give Extra

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“She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.” Proverbs 31:26

Sally’s first day as a volunteer was also my first day at Grace Klein Community. We have very much been through this journey together. If you’ve had the pleasure of visiting GKC while Sally has been there, you know that she radiates joy. She cares so deeply for each and every person that walks through our doors. She wants to make sure that everyone gets the best produce and the best clothes that they can possibly find. I love that she pays such close attention to each person and what they are taking out. She loves to throw in an extra item of produce or an extra bag of bread just to make sure that everyone is going to be okay.

One of the things I love about Sally is her heart for God’s people both here and across the world. She emphasizes the call that Jesus gave us to love one another and to go and make disciples. Sally’s life is an excellent picture of what it looks like to live in obedience to that call. She is always willing to do WHATEVER needs to be done. No questions asked. I am incredibly thankful for her willingness and humble spirit.

Sally has grown so comfortable at Grace Klein Community and makes our office feel like home to those that come in. We are so thankful that God brought her to serve with us and cannot wait to see what the future holds.

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