Around the World and Back

“Hi, We are the Johnson family.

We are a missionary family living in Assam India. This past year we were able to visit and enjoy America. Our travels began with our having the pleasure of tending to my ailing mother. My name is CB and I’m the dad, husband and missionary to India. My wife Mimi is my fellow laborer and partner. We live in Northeast India and operate a school for the poor and others who elect to attend due to the quality of education.

My mother was dying of cancer, so when we arrived in the states back in May 2016 we headed straight to my mother’s bedside to tend and care for her until her final day was done. After which time, I was informed by our mission’s board that I needed to take a brief sabbatical. My mother passed on August 31, 2016. From my sister’s home, where we were during my mother’s passing in Carlin, Nevada, we began our sabbatical by visiting all the churches who support us in one way or another. The churches, although few and mostly very small, are scattered all over the USA. We had a wonderful time in fellowship and feasting.

We traveled many many miles in the space of nine months.

During the course of our journey we received an invitation to visit Birmingham, Alabama and to meet the numerous precious saints that make up “Grace Klein Community.” Oh my goodness, what a joy we received and what a blessing supernal. Grace Klein is an awesome testimony of what God can do when folks choose to empty themselves and see others who are needy, see their plight, and consider it as the most important need of the hour.

GKC has a unique group of individuals who together make the perfect blend of diversity to take from the “Body of Christ” and make it shine like a beacon in the night. The focus seems to be two fold, 1) to bring glory to God, and 2) to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They do this by meeting people’s needs and by forging relationships that are sincere and heartfelt. The Holy Spirit in the believer shines through the GKC individual through the relational expression of love that begins with the initial contact made through the sharing of items that have been saved in order to be shared. Mostly food and clothes, but other things are shared as well.

It’s wonderful and marvelous to see how God enables those who are willing to sacrifice time or effort or money or whatever. And the prayers of so many are being answered in such a profound way, only God Himself knows how many souls will be reached and saved through these unique “fisher’s of men” and women and children.

Thank you Grace Klein Community for allowing us to be a part of all that you do. We were truly blessed by being together and working together with you. Thank you for your open arms of love, for allowing us a place to stay and for allowing us time to share our burdens and commitments in N.E. India with so many folks. We had an awesome time of refreshment and the new found family that we came in contact with will stay with us forever. And thank God that is not hyperbole, but a reality. You all, or should I say “y’all” will always to be in our hearts and minds and prayers. We are so impressed with what y’all are doing and we pray that God’s blessings will shower down upon you and every facet of ministry that you involve in.

I want to mention names but I’m so afraid I might miss someone, so let me just say God knows who you are and He will bless you in ways that we could never begin to. We had too much fun, experienced too much joy and we are going back home to India over flowing! Thank you GKC. We love you more than words can say. We miss you, and we’ll be missing you until, Lord willingly, we meet again, and only God knows, perhaps that will be on our side of the planet next time, eh? Well at least we can hope!


With all our love,

The Johnson’s

CB, Mimi, Jimmy, Sarah and Auntie (Sister) Ayao”


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