2018 Year End Review

Here is our latest report: Flood relief work: an opportunity to build up relationships in the community August 15th, we were hit by floods and the entire state was affected as many many dams were opened. 450 people died along with huge loss of physical property . From our church and from our ministry we reached out and served three colonies named Pathalam, Donbosco and Vattekunnam. In these colonies we…Keep Reading

Rebuilding Walls

We have had opportunities to be used as vessels for relief efforts to flood affected families in Kerala, India. We have sponsors who have donated towards this exclusive cause! $1,200 has been raised thus far, and $1,000 has been used towards the cause. We have bought two mattresses, three gas stoves, groceries, clothes and toiletry items. All items were distributed in three different areas among 33 families. The complete bills…Keep Reading

Flood Relief in Kerala

August 15-18, 2018, will be a time in history that the Kerala state of India will never forget. All dams were filled to the brim in this monsoon season and with warning, all 42 dams and reservoirs were opened suddenly, the water gushed in the river as we have never seen it before. Down the line, the width of the rivers could not hold and water started pushing into the…Keep Reading

Leaving the American Dream

I, Sudhakar, currently work as a Scientist at Emory in the field of Advanced Biotechnology and my wife Manitha is also a Scientist in India. We have two children. I was born and raised in an Indian village farmer’s family as the oldest among three brothers. Mother and Father were hardworking farmers and because of their help, I could finish my schooling. During the Master’s program I was provided a…Keep Reading


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