Touch the Fringe

As a longstanding member of the Grace Klein Community I have worked (and at times lived) in various parts of Africa for more than a decade. During those years of service I have been privileged to work with some remarkable local physicians dedicated to serving those on the fringes of society. My dear friend, Kenyan OBGYN Hillary Mabeya, is one of those bright lights who works tirelessly to provide gynecological…Keep Reading

Our Brother from Another Mother

Our Brother from Another Mother

“A few months ago in October 2017 I received the strange news that a young man named Marcello from Brazil would be a new housemate of mine in the Community House for a few months. I really didn’t know what to expect from this news especially when I found out that part of his motivation for coming to America was to improve his English. If you’re not already aware, I…Keep Reading

Embrace Grace

“Everyone has one of those moments. A moment that defines your life: “Before Mom died…”; “After I found out I had cancer…”; Before the house fire…”. It is a moment that splits your life in two. Before…and after. My moment…I was 22 years old, single, almost finished with college, and 5 ½ months pregnant. My on-again, off-again boyfriend had just left for what I knew would be the last time….Keep Reading

Missionary Botho Heinz of Germany Visits With Grace Klein Community

Missionary Botho Heinz of Germany Visits With Grace Klein Community

“Isn’t it incredible what God can do through a small group of His followers gathering together for a prayer night? With just a small group of people he can encourage the weary traveling missionary, embolden children to follow His will, surround those in need in prayer, and create strong bonds with people from different walks of life, uniting the global Church. A great example of this happened in the week…Keep Reading

Real Hope for Haiti

Real Hope for Haiti focuses on health, community and faith. Many ways that Grace Klein Community works to build community and faith in Birmingham is similar to how they are building faith and community in Haiti. At the beginning of last summer, our friend Deanna Newman came to our Monday Night Prayer Gathering to share about God’s work in Haiti. She mentioned the need for summer clothing and shoes for a shipping container…Keep Reading

Asbury University Tumbling Team 2017

March 11 – 15, 2017, in partnership with Grace Klein Community, the Asbury University Tumbling Team, an acrobatic group, traveled to Birmingham, AL to perform free shows. Their desire is to impact younger students by setting an example of how hard work, a strong education, a healthy lifestyle and a good attitude can change the world for Christ. Through the generous donations of partner businesses, friends and family, Grace Klein…Keep Reading

Around the World and Back

“Hi, We are the Johnson family. We are a missionary family living in Assam India. This past year we were able to visit and enjoy America. Our travels began with our having the pleasure of tending to my ailing mother. My name is CB and I’m the dad, husband and missionary to India. My wife Mimi is my fellow laborer and partner. We live in Northeast India and operate a…Keep Reading

Prayers and Love Stuffed in Every Bag

Our friend Deanna Newman came to our Monday Night Prayer Gathering to share about God’s work in Haiti at the beginning of the summer. She mentioned the need for summer clothing and shoes for a shipping container that is headed to Haiti. Guess what is headed to Haiti from the Grace Klein Community office?!! 75 bags of adult clothing 27 bags of kid clothing 10 bags of adult shoes 2…Keep Reading

La Limye’ Ministries Children’s Home, Haiti

“The Fall of 2012 found me in a small town in Haiti working alongside a handful of strangers. Each of us, feeling led by the Father to pour ourselves out for the hurting people in the immediate area. For one of my fellow team members, Ellen Humerickhouse, the call was consistent and the draw to these Haitians was unavoidably urgent. Upon getting to know this sweet sister, I had learned…Keep Reading

Missionary Juan Barrientos of Peru Visits Grace Klein Community’s Monday Prayer Night

On Monday February 22, one of World Reach’s missionaries, Juan Barrientos had the exciting opportunity to join a Grace Klein Community Prayer Night. Juan is World Reach’s Latin American Field Director, pastors La Roca Church in Jose Galvez, Peru, and also runs La Roca Christian School and plays a key role in establishing Mobile Bible Institutes, primarily in Latin America. Juan was in the United States to attend and teach…Keep Reading

Missions Fundraiser Yard Sale – July 25, 2015

Kristin Hosey, a Grace Klein Community member, has such compassion for the hearts and lives of people all over the world. She has previously served in Kenya and Ecuador, and will soon be embarking on a journey to Southeast Asia, as well as China. “Ever since I started truly living my life for Christ, I have felt like Christmas isn’t what it should be. I love having family around, spending time…Keep Reading

The Leadership Experience – Lesotho

The Leadership Experience – Lesotho

THE LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE – LESOTHO SERVING THE PEOPLE OF LESOTHO AS AMBASSADORS FOR CHRIST FOR THE GLORY OF GOD AND DISCIPLING OTHERS TO DO THE SAME Grace Klein Community had the pleasure of meeting Godfrey and Elizabeth, in person, in June, 2015 Program Directors of The Leadership Experience in Lesotho, Africa. We had the opportunity of supporting them at a worship gathering hosted by CrossBridge Church in Birmingham, AL, and…Keep Reading


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