Moon Miracles

“The Moon family says, “Welcome 2020 and all the miracles to come”! Thank you to everyone who has blessed Evan with support through prayers, calls, visits, meals, and donations since his cancer and stroke battle began in 2016. The year 2019 was busy with therapy appointments, adventures, and new normals. Evan is happy and positive and never says “why me.” Everyone’s question is “How is Evan doing? Here is the answer… Evan’s…Keep Reading

Page Likes = Food for Families

Debra Cinquemani of Thrivent Financial wanted to grow her page likes so she decided to give Grace Klein Community a non-perishable food item for every new like. Before her little give, she had 67 likes. After her “likes challenge” she gave over 270 food donations, one for every new like, and her friend matched that give too!! Then Vintage Comfort Food Co. followed Deb’s example, offering up the same page…Keep Reading

Journey to the “Full Moon”

“Thank you to everyone who has continued to pray for Evan and follow his story. He is doing well and has completed his two year follow up tests. It has been three years since his diagnosis and surgery. THREE YEARS. Can y’all believe that?!!! It has been two years since the completion of radiation and chemotherapy. His MRI results are “stable” and his medicines are a routine now. Praise the…Keep Reading

Single Mom Connect

A dear friend and member of ministry partner, Church of the Highlands – Grandview, Kelly Williams, felt the Lord impress on her heart to love on Birmingham Single Mamas. Having been in the position herself, Kelly deeply connects with mamas walking through difficult decisions and financial struggles as they journey through their season of single parenthood. On July 13, 2019, in partnership with Grace Klein Community, Single Mom Connect will…Keep Reading

Harrison Family Adoption

“Our family started out as just myself (Amanda) my husband (Cedric) our biological son Jarqurius and our biological daughter Kayleigh. As of September 2019, we took in the boys, children of a friend, not knowing the family was on the way to court to surrender the boys into state foster care. At that time, God showed out and blessed my husband and I tremendously with 2 boys Brycen age 7…Keep Reading

Rejoice With Those Who Rejoice

Covenant Heating and Cooling celebrated their 5 year anniversary on April 15, 2019, and we drove on out to Alabaster, AL, to celebrate with them! We had to raise a Hallelujah for what our Father has done. They had the grill going with hotdogs and hamburgers, some amazing relish sauce, all the toppings, chips and drinks to praise God for His great provision and to thank customers, friends, family and…Keep Reading

GKC Flash Mob!!!

Grace Klein LOVES our donors! We love and appreciate them so much, we have decided to show them in living color, by surprising them in their place of business, with a GKC flash mob!!  This month we chose Trader Joe’s, without whom we would not be able to have our Sunday Trade Markets or offer such a large variety and selection of unique foods to our growing community. We love…Keep Reading

The Give and Take Room Challenge

Back in February, my boyfriend and I were training for a local version of the Newlywed Game (in hopes no one would care that we are not actually married). During this rigorous preparation–which mostly just consisted of us watching reruns and being sassy with one another–this question came up: “What do you do that annoys your partner the most?” I playfully answer with something hyper-sappy, while he stares me down,…Keep Reading

Senior Grocery Program

Even to your old age I am He, and to gray hairs I will carry you. I have made, and I will bear; I will carry and will save. – Isaiah 46:4 Every partnership Grace Klein Community builds, seems to result in a whirlwind of positivity. Our community is blessed with relationships with some of the finest organizations Birmingham has to offer, bringing unexpected fortune to the rest of us. This…Keep Reading

Holy Moments

In case you missed it… March 2019 included the gifting of a much needed car to a granddaddy raising his grand-babies. Roy Curry is a long-term volunteer, community member and friend! He has delivered food boxes, through our monthly food delivery ministry, for over nine years. During that time, he’s only missed one month. The first two years, he paid friends to drive to the families he was serving, when…Keep Reading

The King’s Way

Have you ever thought about the ways of our King?! He saves! He is generous and gentle. He cares for our needs and ministers to our hearts. He is kind and compassionate and full of love. He is merciful and forgiving. He gives without expecting anything in return. He listens and He speaks. He is a Teacher and a Healer. He changes us! Maybe these are some of the reasons…Keep Reading

Floodgates Faith Run

A prayer team of 30 ladies gathered together from all walks of life, various churches and nationalities, and through FaceTime from Galleria Woods to Ohio to Mississippi and from Australia to South Africa, to come before God and seek His face for the House on the Hill. God has risen an army of prayer warriors who have committed to pray over the miracles and needs that will happen at The…Keep Reading


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