Floodgates Faith Run

A prayer team of 30 ladies gathered together from all walks of life, various churches and nationalities, and through FaceTime from Galleria Woods to Ohio to Mississippi and from Australia to South Africa, to come before God and seek His face for the House on the Hill. God has risen an army of prayer warriors who have committed to pray over the miracles and needs that will happen at The…Keep Reading

The House on the Hill

“This is what the Lord says: “Look, an army is coming from the land of the north; a great nation is being stirred up from the ends of the earth.” – Jeremiah 6:22 God has given clear vision that the community home, “The House on the Hill,” will be used to equip and empower mamas to thrive in their singleness through an intimate relationship with Jesus, to connect resources for…Keep Reading

When Operations Collide

Operation “Slow and Steady Wins the Race” and Operation “Restoration in Progress” have collided into a beautiful kaleidoscope of accomplishments. The hardwoods were in poor shape due to animal stains and took much tender loving care by George and Lorenzo of “G&S The Floor Care People” to bring them to a beautiful refurbished condition. Due to prior harsh treatment of the floors, the floors are not going to be perfect,…Keep Reading

Operation “Bundle Up Buttercup”

Days 109-136 Operation “Bundle Up Buttercup” Thankful for construction heaters because baby it is cold inside!!! We have continued to see God bring donors of time, money and resources together to move this massive project forward. Exciting updates from the last 27 days: first intentional meal shared around a fire pit with blankets, Indian food and s’mores drywall finishing completed by MLB 6 ceiling fans, 3 exterior lights purchased from…Keep Reading

Quietly Steady

Days 49-95 Operation “Quietly Steady” Over the last 46 days we may have been quiet about the progress of the community house, but God has been very busy moving the project forward. Three diverse groups shared their talents with us. Focus on Recovery ladies served through painting, cleaning and breaking apart pallets. Turning Point demolished the back deck, broke apart pallets, completed the excavation for the downstairs plumbing, and cleaned/pressure-washed…Keep Reading

30 Days, only GOD.

Day 1: Operation “Let’s Kick It” Closed on House 13 people helped demo $500 given from South Oak Title Carpet and pad pulled and almost all kitchen demo’d Day 2: Operation “Ninja Style” Anonymous donor commits to match the next $3,500 given Ice provided for work crew from Taco Tech Lunch provided for volunteers by Little Donkey 280 15 community friends served All cabinets are now removed, floor is removed,…Keep Reading

City on a Hill

When everything rational and prudent collides with all things crazy and faith-filled…another community house is born. On July 27, 2018, Grace Klein Community closed on a property in Hoover, AL. We began work immediately on much needed repairs to restore this home for the vision God has given us. What will this home be used for? Worship and Prayer Intentional Meals Encouragement Single Mama Support Christian Life Coaching Place of…Keep Reading

The Stone the Builders Rejected

“The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone.” – Psalm 118:22 At 4756 Wine Ridge Lane just off Indian Valley Rd, a house stands as a home for its tenants, a symbol of God’s work through the hands and feet of the body of Christ, and a resting place for friends, missionaries and members of the Grace Klein Community. The walls are covered in pictures of friends,…Keep Reading

Community House Update – December 2015

Just a sneak preview of some of the progress that has taken place during the course of this year. We plan to have an open house soon, and don’t want to reveal too much before the big day! But, if you’re curious, come for a sneak peek on December 31, 2015 from 6:30pm. We’ll be hopping and bopping on the fresh floors of our community house. As such, leave your…Keep Reading

Beauty from Ashes

December 23rd, 2014, God blessed Grace Klein Community with a home that was no longer needed by a customer of Grace Klein Construction. February 27th, 2015, 66 days later, God provided much of the homes interior including bath tubs, toilets, a water heater, doors, light fixtures and more! How??? Tricia Day’s home is one of 5 homes in the Saddle Run Neighborhood targeted for demolition under a federal flood-mitigation grant…Keep Reading

Valleydale Youth – Serve Day

On February 7th, 2015 the youth of Valleydale Church came together for a day of service at the Grace Klein Community House. Roughly 40 young people came with hearts ready to serve, wherever there was a need. The young men assisted in the yard by cutting down bushes and small trees, raking and bagging leaves, as well as cleaning the harder to reach windows, both inside and out. The young women…Keep Reading

Grace Klein Community House

December 23, 2014, God blessed Grace Klein Community with a house. Yes, you read that right. A customer of Grace Klein Construction owned a home they no longer needed and our partner organization referred them to Grace Klein Community. The house will be used as a place of rest, worship and fellowship for any Grace Klein Community friends. Friends from other countries will also be able to find respite here….Keep Reading


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