Moon Miracles

“The Moon family says, “Welcome 2020 and all the miracles to come”! Thank you to everyone who has blessed Evan with support through prayers, calls, visits, meals, and donations since his cancer and stroke battle began in 2016. The year 2019 was busy with therapy appointments, adventures, and new normals. Evan is happy and positive and never says “why me.” Everyone’s question is “How is Evan doing? Here is the answer… Evan’s…Keep Reading

Journey to the “Full Moon”

“Thank you to everyone who has continued to pray for Evan and follow his story. He is doing well and has completed his two year follow up tests. It has been three years since his diagnosis and surgery. THREE YEARS. Can y’all believe that?!!! It has been two years since the completion of radiation and chemotherapy. His MRI results are “stable” and his medicines are a routine now. Praise the…Keep Reading

Single Mom Connect

A dear friend and member of ministry partner, Church of the Highlands – Grandview, Kelly Williams, felt the Lord impress on her heart to love on Birmingham Single Mamas. Having been in the position herself, Kelly deeply connects with mamas walking through difficult decisions and financial struggles as they journey through their season of single parenthood. On July 13, 2019, in partnership with Grace Klein Community, Single Mom Connect will…Keep Reading

Holy Moments

In case you missed it… March 2019 included the gifting of a much needed car to a granddaddy raising his grand-babies. Roy Curry is a long-term volunteer, community member and friend! He has delivered food boxes, through our monthly food delivery ministry, for over nine years. During that time, he’s only missed one month. The first two years, he paid friends to drive to the families he was serving, when…Keep Reading

A Little Red Sonic

Have you ever prayed for something? Maybe something as small as *awkward* feminine products, to money for your power bill or shoes for your kids. Or maybe you have prayed for God to salvage a relationship, forgive something you really wish you never did, extinguish your anger over a painful situation or to pull you out of a pit of depression. Other times your prayers may have been for a…Keep Reading

Mimic Moon Joy

We rang in the New Year with many friends at a delightful party hosted by the Crosby family! January has proven to be a busy beginning and Evan looks forward to the opportunities 2019 will bring. He is grateful for everyone’s support through prayers, food, visits, and contributions which continue to equip Evan to recover in body and spirit. His MRI results have been good so his MRI testing is now…Keep Reading

The Wonder of Wanda

The Wonder of Wanda

“I met Wanda in the summer. Wanda had no place to go after leaving the hospital, but through friends, managed to settle in a little trailer way south of town. Wanda has the sweetest giggle. I wish you could hear it. She doesn’t really complain about much of anything, despite having lots of knee problems, back problems, and having to lug a heavy old oxygen tank around everywhere she goes….Keep Reading

“Go Live Your Life”

“Go live your life” are the new words that guide Evan’s days now. In August he had his milestone MRI that was used to compare to his August 2017 MRI which was performed at the end of chemotherapy treatment. One year later his results are excellent… no sign of cancer and possibly even improvement in the area of radiation therapy. There is no longer any swelling and he now can…Keep Reading

Pressed, but not Crushed

Roxanne Blount is one of our committed community volunteers.  She serves as an admin for our Acts 4:32 group, making sure to accept new members that are added, watching for any inappropriate content that she removes immediately and gently reminding members to only use the group as a space for sharing.  She also serves at the office during the week when she can come.  She helps unload the truck and…Keep Reading

The “Moon” Rides Again

“Hello to all of Evan’s friends, family, supporters, and prayer warriors. Evan has been really busy with doctor appointments, rehabilitation work outs, visiting family and friends, and getting back on a cycle…a three wheel cycle! He has missed riding with friends from Redemptive Cycle, so with their help one of his wish list items has been accomplished. He now rides a reclinear Sunseeker Tadpole three wheel cycle with personalized settings…Keep Reading

Renowned Randy

Renowned Randy

Renowned – famous, celebrated, well known, well thought of. “But whoever loves God is known by God.” – 1 Corinthians 8:3 “This is my friend Randy. He has faced some hard times in his life and needs a little helping hand. He has made it clear he does NOT want a handout. His sweet spirit and wonderful smile are what you notice when you see him. He currently resides near…Keep Reading

Hope Restored

One important facet of Grace Klein Community is empowering community to care for one another in Jesus’ name. Each person is noticing other people, hearing their stories, meeting friends in brokenness, ministering to neighbors, sharing food with those who are struggling, really listening and stepping out in faith for one another. As community members discover legitimate situations, that need a big dose of love and community support, they bring the…Keep Reading


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