Family Fun Nights

IMG_5850Current research shows that the average American enjoys at least 4.2 meals at restaurants every week. The reasons vary from work meetings, convenience, no time to cook, social gatherings, or preference.

Noticing that many of us are at restaurants any way, we began intentional Family Fun Nights for friends of Grace Klein Community to have a space to enjoy one another.

These nights are intentional for the “let’s get together sometime,” that never happened because we get busy in our days, that turn into weeks and months.

For the new friends you recently met that you want to get to know better, here’s a place to invite them.

Or that co-worker at work that you really want to encourage, the one stressed out by bills, marriage trouble and the parent who is very ill.

What about the need for time with community, time to laugh and talk about what’s on your heart.

Maybe it’s for your small group social or to introduce people who are interested in being a part of Grace Klein Community.

For the night you can look forward to because you love a night out.

To bless Grace Klein Community because you plan to go out anyway.

Family Fun Nights will vary by location, so check our website, read our newsletter or keep informed on social media. Mark your calendar and invite friends.

We will also have products from our Be More Random store at most of the Family Fun Nights. If you need to purchase a few gifts, while out to dinner, please keep us in mind.

*If you would like to volunteer to host attendees or to secure our next dining location, please email

Upcoming Family Fun Nights:


Donate by Mail: by making out a check to "Grace Klein Community" with you designation in the memo line and send it to:

Grace Klein Community, 1678 Montgomery Highway. #104, Birmingham, AL 35216

Donate Online: by filling out the form below. Keep in mind that there will be a 2.9% fee taken from all PayPal donations, though you have the option to pay that fee at the end of the form, if you feel led to be so generous.